• Weistec Engineering releases M113K (kompressor) 3.0 liter supercharger upgrade for supercharged 55 AMG models

      Rejoice W211 E55 and 55 AMG fans, the day is finally here. We first announced that this upgrade was being developed in December of last year and as usual Weistec diligently worked on it and delivered as promised. The 3.0 liter supercharger upgrade is officially on the market. There are several advantages to the 3.0 liter twin screw versus the factory 2.1 liter namely in the areas of efficiency and heat management which is vital for a positive displacement application.

      The factory 2.1 liter supercharger weighs 50 pounds more than this upgrade. This is partially due to the solid steel drum of the clutch rotating assembly. In addition to the weight the way the supercharger is designed/placed has the intercooler in the valley of the V8 meaning it will get hot rather quickly due to heat from the engine rising out directly into it. Heat soak is a large issue with the M113K cars and there is a long history of W211 E55 owners in particular complaining about heat management. This issue will be mitigated considerably with the Weistec supercharger which has the intercooler fully floating within the lower manifold casting. Basically, airflow will cover the Weistec intercooler from all sides resolving the issues with heat soak.

      This all boils down to a larger, more efficient, and lighter supercharger. More power, less weight, and the ability for repeat runs without losing that same power. Yes, exactly what M113K owners have been asking for. This same supercharger currently powers the fastest Mercedes in the world on the M156 motor platform and is a proven commodity.

      The W211 E55 AMG sees a restriction at the point of the throttle body. Now remember, since this is a positive displacement design the car pulls air through the throttle body into the supercharger. The E55 was limited in this area by Mercedes likely to appease SL55, S55, and CL55 owners who had a larger throttle body. The factory 74mm can be upgraded by Weistec to 82mm with the supercharger upgrade eliminating a vital restriction point through which air passes to the compressor.

      The supercharger kit retails for $8,649 and includes the following pieces:

      Key Features:

      • 3.0L Twin-Screw Compressor Module Why Twin-Screw?
      • 1000hp Liquid to Air Intercooler Core
      • High Flow, Cast Aluminum, T6 Hardened Lower Manifold
      • High Flow, Cast Aluminum, T6 Hardened Intake Elbow and Throttle Body Inlet
      • Maintains Factory Electronic Bypass Valve
      • Hard Anodized Front Drive Bracket with Double Bearing, Belt Wrap Idler
      • HD 8 Rib Belt Tensioner
      • HD Supercharger Serpentine Drive Belt
      • High Flow Billet Fuel Rail System
      • 650cc Fuel Injectors
      • Molded Silicone Air Pump and Throttle Body Coupler
      • Weistec Weaved Cotton Fiber Air Filter
      • New OEM Gaskets
      • Saves 50 Lbs. vs Factory Kompressor
      • Weistec Engineering, M113K S1 SC Reflash

      Power figures with dyno graphs will be released shortly and detailed in a separate article. Congratulations to Weistec for delivering yet another great Mercedes product. Pictures are below, hurry up and order yours as there is no doubt this will be a very popular upgrade on the platform.

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        Matthew049 -
        does that mean we have numbers now???
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        Matthew049 -
        nevermind, i found them
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        Do you have this product for the SLR?
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by GhanemMBN Click here to enlarge
        Do you have this product for the SLR?
        Don't believe it is available for the SLR yet.