• Air hose line accident at this past weekends DTM race in Zandvoort takes out a Mercedes pit crew - Video

      Accidents happen all the time in racing but usually it is not the pit crew which is involved. An unfortunate situation took place at this past weekends DTM Race at Zandvoort in the Netherlands (Audi ended up sweeping the podium for the race) where Ralf Schumacher was pulling out of the pits in his AMG DTM car when his spoiler caught the air hose line from another crew and dragged it with him clotheslining the pit crew to which it belonged.

      Four members of the crew were taken to the hospital after the accident with three being cleared to leave. One member remained hospitalized with undisclosed injuries but was later released. We wish him and all involved a speedy recovery to any injuries sustained. Video of the accident is below.

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      1. e92's Avatar
        e92 -
        Nice vid. Just saw it on LiveLeak
      1. LZH's Avatar
        LZH -
        Yeah I saw this today too...crazy how fast that happened. Glad no one was seriously injured. Have to think that the FIA has a minimum height requirement for these hoses to be held out of the way of such a thing happening ?
      1. DavidV's Avatar
        DavidV -
        Pitlanes are a tight place to be.
        Especially with a wide car like a DTM Mercedes.
        With all kinds of sticking out wings and spoilers.
        So when a crew does not have all their gear neatly tucked away, nasty things can happen.
        This hapened on the Zandvoort circuit duing free practice:

      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Repost, merging.
      1. DavidV's Avatar
        DavidV -
        Ah, sorry. Missed that.
      1. Kelly80's Avatar
        Kelly80 -
        Thank the Lord no one was injured that's the most important
      1. Sorena's Avatar
        Sorena -
        Reminds me of Jos Verstappen's pit stop in Hockenheim.

        His helmet's visor was open during the fire but luckily he walked away with burns on his face.

        But not all are fortunate. Like Mike Rich who didn't make it:
          Click here to enlarge Spoiler:  
      1. singletrack's Avatar
        singletrack -
        $#@!ing ow!

        Thank God no one was killed.

        Easy to forget how dangerous racing is for everyone...