• Renntech tuned W221 S550 4matic M278 turbo V8 takes on a supercharged built motor Camaro SS in the 1/4 mile

      The M278 4.6 liter twin turbo V8 may not get quite as much attention as its 63 AMG M157 big brother but it is a plenty potent motor. It shows here with a Renntech tune only S550 on street tires managing a 12.4@112 in 90 degree Florida heat. The Camaro runs a 11.8@122 which is not all that impressive for a built motor 6.8 liter LS3 with 4.10 gears and a supercharger. The heat definitely affects both cars but it goes to show how quick the S550 can be with a tune.

      In better weather with negative DA the car would likely be capable of high 11's. Not bad for a tune only all wheel drive S-Class which would make a potent sleeper.

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        Jacob502 -
        Nice Article Joseph. I think in the winter and a better track, this baby will easily break the 11 second barrior