• Retrospective: Motortrend Head 2 Head compares the classic E30 M3 and the Mercedes 190E 2.3-16

      Here is a comparison all German car enthusiasts should watch. Before AMG was ever a part of Mercedes, before M got diluted, before the era of heavy sedans with turbo V8's, AMG and M squared off where it mattered, on the race track. And they did so by producing street cars that very close to their racing counterparts simply so that they could meet homologation requirements for racing. These two models highlight the best of M and AMG in that very respect. Keep in mind, the AMG team fielded a 190E but was not responsible for building the car in the same manner M was.

      What car is better is up for enthusiasts to decide although the M3 arguably won this battle. The S14 was the better motor and in the street car application the M3 was lighter and faster. Both cars were absolutely spectacular and are remembered as one of the greatest examples of Mercedes and BMW rivalry in these manufacturers histories. Check out the video below.

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      1. Blitz535i's Avatar
        Blitz535i -
        Great post and video; check out the curb weight of the M3...2865 pounds. My how times have changed.
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        Remonster -
        I loved that video and both of those cars, especially since I had the slow versions of both of those in the exact saem colors. I had a black 318is and a gold E but with the bigger (and less exciting) 2.6 straight six. The comments he made rang true to me with respect to the two similar but different cars I had, the BMW's four is rough and very annoying unless you really get on it (but at full throttle is an absolute treat) and the Benz had an unbelievable ride quality while still controlling its weight through corners surprisingly well. Sadly some dumb $#@! totalled my E class and minivan crushed my 318 but I guess I can't be too sad when I have a 135i to fly around in.