• New Mercedes B-Class coming to the USA but as an electric only

      Kind of an odd piece of news considering Mercedes recently took the new A45 AMG off the table for the United States. Instead of getting the high performance hot hatch we are were all craving Mercedes is going to give us a Tesla powered all electric B-Class. This will be a front wheel drive only car as well. For those wondering why the motor and batteries will be supplied by Tesla, Daimler owns a 4.7% stake in the company. On the bright side this will open the door for more cars coming to the United States from this A, B, and CLA platform which these models all share.


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      1. KB's Avatar
        KB -
        Awesome minivan! Electric minivans FTW!
      1. Sorena's Avatar
        Sorena -
        I'm so sick of this green crap. I'm gonna go rev my car to add some pollution to the environment just because i can.

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        Awesome minivan! Electric minivans FTW!

        Man electric cars are only driven by Satan himself.
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        Remonster -
        What a brilliant idea, let's bring the dumbest model in our lineup to the US instead of the one which fills the most vacant spot in the automotive world...if you have stuff to carry but don't need a big SUV or wagon your current choices of fast cars are the excellent STI (but if you're over 25, you'll look like an idiot) the completely awful Mazdaspeed 3 (I don't think I've ever hated a car so much while simultaneously being in love with its engine) and that's about it.

        But sure, go ahead and learn the same lesson BMW refuses to learn after the repeated failures of their X6 ActiveHybrid, 7 series ActiveHybrid, etc. those of us with brains will be sitting here with our wallets open when one of the German big three fnally decides to give us the really hot hatches we keep begging for.