• Mercedes considering exit from Formula 1 over incentives given to other teams?

      We all know Formula 1 is highly competitive and highly expensive. It's the absolute best of the best and the pinnacle of motorsport. Competing is somewhat of a privilege and honor. It also displays that a company is willing to compete with the best. The problem is not that Mercedes does not want to compete or does not have the money, it is that other teams seem to be getting incentives that the Mercedes team is not. Mercedes is threatening legal action over incentives that Ferrari, McLaren, and Redbull get (seats on the board, shares, cash bonuses) and may possibly pull out entirely. Those incentives by the way were given to those teams who threatened to pull out as well. We expect Mercedes to come to some kind of deal with Formula 1.


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        2.) Bernie Ecclestone

        Why he brings the dickishness: The billionaire Muppet runs Formula One as a petite dictator and remains one of the most irritating presences in motorsports, willing to infuriate both fans and race organizers in pursuit of as much money as possible. If there's controversy or political squabbling or uncertainty around Formula One, Bernie's likely dead in the middle of it and trying to add to his fortune the whole time. Besides, anyone who would smarmily jerk everyone around over the upcoming Austin GP while kissing up to Bahrain's bloody-handed rulers is a prime dick.

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        ^Bernie is one of the top ten living son of the $#@!es in the world. If the teams didn't sign the damn Concorde Agreement we wouldn't see his ugly face in F1 races.

        Back to the topic, it sucks. If Mercedes pulls out, another billioner who suddenly is a F1 fan buys the team and turn it into a no-innovative-whatsoever team. We have a bunch of those teams, no need to add another one to that list.