• Mercedes to move to all wheel drive (4matic) for AMG vehicles

      There are internal discussions at AMG regarding moving AMG vehicles to all wheel drive. This is not all that shocking considering how high the power output is getting on AMG vehicles and that they have been traction limited in 0-60 sprints for some time now. Better traction control has helped but Mercedes has already moved to all wheel drive on certain models such as the E550 which is available in 4matic all wheel drive only.

      There are certain models where all wheel drive does not make sense such as the raw black series cars. Track models should be rear wheel drive and lightweight. You don't see Porsche giving the GT3 all wheel drive do you? And we do not see Mercedes giving a vehicle like an SLS Black Series all wheel drive. The move does make sense on many of the sedans and large coupes although it will come with a weight penalty. We hope future AMG models will not all be all wheel drive and that there will be options. Either way, expect AMG models other than SUV's to have all wheel drive soon starting with the new A-class AMG.

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        LZH -
        Interesting news, thanks.
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        hmm... should be interesting which cars they choose to put their 4matic in. Definitely the more sporty oriented cars shouldnt get it.
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        I like the idea, IF they can do it with light way components like Porsche with their 997. The 997 smokes alomost EVERYTHING 0-60 in turbo form, and STILL is light weight. 3.7 seconds with the turbo assist button.

        So GO AMG GO, IF you can do it WITHOUT adding weight.

        Otherwise make it an option because I really DO NOT want a 5000+ pound E63Click here to enlarge
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        That is awesome!!
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        The AMG SUVs have had 4matic for awhile now... but it would be nice to see it available with some of the sedan models.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Tony007 Click here to enlarge
        That is awesome!!
        Pros and Cons.