• Weistec oil / air separater available for M156 and M159 (63 AMG) motors - $529.99

      This oil and air seperator can be used on stock cars to cars that are highly modified even with superchargers. What does it do? It reduces oil retention by the engine and reduces knock. Essentially, better for your motor assisting longevity and acting as a preventative measure. From Weistec, "As the excess crankcase pressure is vented through the PCV valve and into the intake manifold the engine will eventually draw in, not only air which is wanted, but also particles of aerated oil which creates instability in power due to the low octane level of oil."

      Key Features:
      • Eliminates the anti octane properties of oil
      • CNC machined 6061 aluminum
      • Hard anodized to military spec
      • Direct bolt in for M156/M159 vehicles
      • Utilizes brass filter elements
      • 100% serviceable
      • Flexible and reversible mounting and installation

      Pictured below is a typical intake manifold from an M156 engine after 8,500miles (13,700Km). It is very clear the amount of oil that is being drawn in by the engine.

      Please contact @Weistec for any questions or to order.

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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by HoozyerdaddyC63 Click here to enlarge
        So after talking with the Mercedes tech today I learned that the install of the catch can is fine in the front of the engine bay, but the placement of the PCV adapters is in a bad position.

        I'm curious why this hasn't been brought up before. There seems to be very little room in the back of the engine compartment on the C63. This leaves even less room for the PCV adapters. It is basically right up against the firewall as you can see in my picture above. Was it installed incorrectly or is this truly the limited space we have to deal with?

        If it is the limited space then don't you think this might be bad due to the torquing of the engine? It has nowhere to go and will push the PCV adapters into the firewall, no?
        No idea on this one, @Weistec.