• What would a W204 C63 AMG Black Series convertible coupe look like? Something like this

      Keep in mind, Mercedes likely has no intention of producing a vehicle like this. A convertible C63 Black Series coupe does not really make much sense for what is intended to be a hardcore track car. Then again, Ferrari did a Scuderia convertible so the idea is not completely out of line. This rendering has popped up around the web and it certainly is cool to see what a convertible version of the C63 Black Series would look like. It definitely has a certain appeal.

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      1. Mort's Avatar
        Mort -
        The wheels look great and that is an interesting color. It definitely does have a nice and aggressive appeal to it. The widebody bits work well with the rest of the car making an appealing package and the front bumper openings seem to set the front off and look very good. Very nicely rendered.
      1. Kbahl21's Avatar
        Kbahl21 -
        i like it
      1. Payam@BMS's Avatar
        Payam@BMS -
        Benz is beautiful. This is growing on me more than the e92 m3... if only I had more $$ Click here to enlarge
      1. DBFIU's Avatar
        DBFIU -
        Looks fresh.
      1. Yukohama's Avatar
        Yukohama -
        i would drive it