• 2011 SINGTEL Singapre Grand Prix - Mercedes GP Race Report - Vettel Does It Again, Rosberg Finishes 7th, While Schumi Crashes

      Nico finished the Singapore Grand Prix in seventh place this evening whilst Michael retired from the race following a collision with Sergio Perez on lap 28. Sebastian Vettel yet again dominated another grand prix, adding a tally of nine grand prix wins in a season to his resume. This time he was able to fend off a late charge from Mclaren's Jenson Button. With this victory, Button is the only driver left that has a chance at the championship, even if it is a slim one. Vettel now, only needs to finish ahead of Button in Japan to secure the title.

      After a rough start that saw Webber drop from second place to fourth was able to battle back and take third place, while Alonso finished fourth. Hamilton who battled back from 16th from a clash with Massa that resulted in a broken front wing and a drive through penalty to take fifth place. Force India's Di Resta took sixth place with an outstanding place, outpacing Rosberg. A frustrated Massa finished ninth, while Sergio Perez round out the top ten.

      Michaelís race was brought to an early end after a collision with Sauber driver Sergio Perez:

      ďIt was a very unfortunate ending to my race in Singapore tonight and obviously I am a bit disappointed. What happened was what I would call a misunderstanding between Sergio Perez and myself.

      He was about to go inside and lifted, and I was not expecting him to do that so early, and therefore hit him. Itís probably one of those race incidents which look more impressive from outside than from inside, as I am totally ok and my impact in the end was not too heavy. It was a pity because my car and the tyres worked well, and therefore the pace was very good. I will look ahead to the next races and hope to have better endings there.

      After his seventh placed finish in Singapore, Nico reflected on his result:

      I was struggling with the rear end in the race, and our car just really didnít suit this demanding track. I had more problems with tyre degradation than the cars around me, which combined with having to switch our strategy when the safety car came out, meant it was impossible to make any progress.

      The optimum today would have been sixth place but it didnít quite work out for us this weekend. Whilst we might not be happy with the outcome of our weekend here in Singapore, we will now work hard to improve the car for the next races here in Asia.

      For Ross, the race turned out to be a fairly tough one for the team this evening.

      As expected, we didnít have the pace to match the leaders but we were quite comfortable in the gap behind the top six cars. Unfortunately Michaelís accident hurt us both from his own point of view and that it brought out the safety car at the wrong time for our strategy. Nico then did a very good job to make the set of tyres that he had last for over half of the race. Seventh place was about as much as we could have expected today, and whilst it feels disappointing, we will keep working hard and pushing forward.Ē

      Norbert felt that:

      The race developed quite well for us until Michael's incident with Sergio Perez which brought out the safety car. We had no choice but to pit Nico and put him on the prime tyres, on which he then did 31 laps, more than half the race distance. Nico did a very good job to keep the tyres together for such a long stint. Michael's speed before the accident looked good, considering our current technical package, so it is a shame for him as he could perhaps have finished in front of Nico. Without the safety car, and with an ideal strategy for Nico, he could have been in a position to finish one place higher. Thank you to the organisers here in Singapore for hosting this race, which is one of the most spectacular events in the calendar, and produces the best television images over the course of the season.

      Race Results

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        It was a pity MS crashed. He had the fastest car on track at the time while Sergio Perez was on used up tires. Perez didn't leave any room into the corner and braked too early and Michael had no time to react.
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        When watching F1 on TV, you never get the sensation of speed since the cameras are usually panning along with the cars. Here's a short video that really exposes the difference between F1 and regular GT racing: