• 2011 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix Mercedes GP Qualifying Report: Vettel Dominates, Schumi 8th, Rosberg 9th

      Vettel after regaining his winning pace at Spa, clenched pole position from the Mclaren duo at Monza. Vettel took pole with 1:22:275 a half second faster than Hamilton, who had to abort his last lap after locking his front brakes. Button finished third, Alonso took forth just 0.1sec ahead of Webber. Massa finished sixth, ahead of Renault's Petrov, Schumacher, and Rosberg, who qualified on the medium tires. Bruno Senna will start 10th on the grid since he choose not to set a time in Q3.

      Mercedes GP decided to run a tactical qualifying in order to save a fresh set of tires for the race. The move succeded. Schumacher will have a fresh set of soft and Rosberg will have 2 sets for the race.

      For Michael Schumacher, racing at Monza is always a special feeling:

      It began yesterday when I did my lap of the circuit, saw the tifosi and enjoyed the particular atmosphere of this track. Then going out in the car today, itís nice to feel what comes across from the fans - it reminds me of being at my home races. In terms of the character of the circuit, we are usually good on braking and traction, and there are not so many of the medium and high-speed corners in which we have not been so strong this year. It certainly looks good in terms of my position today, and Iím pleased with that; but we will only find out tomorrow what it is really worth.
      After he qualified ninth on the grid, Nico was satisfied in the knowledge that the result was down to the compromise the team made to be strong in tomorrowís race:

      The performance in Q2 shows that the car is working well here, and we saved two sets of options which is good. Iím the only driver who took part in Q3 who will be starting on the hard tyre, so it will be interesting and should help me a lot at the start of the race. I think it will be a really good race tomorrow.
      Ross Brawn:

      Tyre management will be crucial in the race. We were very mindful with both cars that we must start the race on the same tyres as we qualified on. For Nico, we opted for a prudent approach by running the hard tyre which could open up a nice opportunity for him tomorrow and it will be very interesting to see how he progresses.
      Michael decided to use the soft tyre in Q3, but only completed a single lap to preserve them for the race. Both drivers have fresh sets for the race - two sets of softs for Nico, and one for Michael - so we will see how this afternoon's tactical decisions play out. I think we can look forward to plenty of action.
      Norbert Haug:

      Our target since Friday has been to get our preparations right for the race. We knew this could cost us one or two positions on the grid, but we hope that our strategy will pay off in the race tomorrow.

      Both Nico and Michael will have a number of fresh tyres for the race which should help us too. But of course we are realistic in our targets and a result similar to Spa a fortnight ago is what we can achieve in a best-case scenario.
      Full Qualifying Results:

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        Just a little bit of a rant.

        I'll get this out of the way first: Yes I know of the the one defensive move rule. I think it is dumb and takes away from the competition, but a rule is a rule.

        For those of you that watch F1 on BBC or frequent british F1 forums will know what I'm talking about. The british media is the most biased peice of crap, I've ever seen. The are all up in arms about how Schumacher held Hamilton at bay at Monza. Yes there was an instance where he pulled 2 defensive moves on Hamilton. But the stewards, saw that a warning was good enough and I agree he should have been penalized for it(still a dumb rule though). But if you read about it, they make it out to be that Michael was weaving in and out of the race line, forcing Hamilton onto the grass, blah, blah, blah. How come Button was able to pass him in half a lap, when the all mighty Hamilton couldn't do it in 29 laps. To me that was the best battle I have seen this year.

        But if you read the article, you'll see Button complaining, Mclaren complaining, the even say a race steward was angry that he wanted an investigation into, but was denied. Last I heard, stewards are the ones that review incidents and make judgments.

        I guess, in the end is what the hell happened to F1? It used to be a sport that showcased a driver's and car's abilities. Now it's all about trying to create a false sense of excitement, while Bernie runs laughing all the way to the bank.

        I miss the good old days of Senna vs Prost(the 2 greatest drivers), Schumacher vs Hakkinen.../rant
        I don't get it, why can't you drive defensively?