• Michael Schumacher will race through 2012 with Mercedes-Petronas Formula 1

      There were some alarming reports earlier this year that Michael Schumacher would perhaps not return to finish out his contract due to his "heart" not being into it any longer. Well, Schumacher ended the speculation by confirming he will be coming back next year which is his final year under contract. What is interesting is that Mercedes GP president Ross Brawn is the one who hinted at issues with Schumacher and Mercedes-Petronas stating Schumacher's future with the team would be evaluated later this year. That must have put pressure on Schumacher who decided during the season to return.

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      1. Scourge82's Avatar
        Scourge82 -
        All those people and articles talking about how Schumacher needs to give up and retire used to bother me, but not anymore. Yeah he's not giving the results that everyone expects out of him, but I bet he's helped the team in alot more ways that we fans don't really see. The thing that gets me now is the people that want him to retire, never say a word about the other veterans out there that are doing far worse than Schumacher, yes I'm talking about you, Rubens and Trulli.
      1. DavidV's Avatar
        DavidV -
        Rubens is still OK, but Trulli should have stopped 2 years ago. He lost motivation. Allways complaining about everything. The handling, no power steering, it's never good enough. He has no clue in which team he is (Lotus) and expect everything to be as if he is still driving for Toyota...
        As for MS, he is just smart enough to let others pay for his adrenalin addiction. And he has the skills and the history to back it all up.
        In the wet he is still one of the best drivers out there.
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        Sticky -
        If I were Schumacher I would keep racing until they threw me out.
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        DBFIU -
        His name is worth more than the entire country of zambia.
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by DBFIU Click here to enlarge
        His name is worth more than the entire country of zambia.