• Video of BenzBoost member JRCART's Weistec Engineering supercharged CLK63 Black Series at the 1/4 mile drag strip - 10.8@130

      Here is the video everyone has been waiting for. This is the first of what we believe will be many 10 second supercharged M156 V8 (63 AMG) Mercedes vehicles. The car was run in the Summer heat of Southern California at the Fontana drag strip which is notoriously slow. Density altitude went up over 3000 during the day yet the car still managed to hit 10's which is certainly impressive. 275/40/17 Mickey Thompson drag radials were used along with lightweight seats and race gas. Congratulations to Weistec and JRCART.

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        wow that thing really hauls ass! 2nd gear shift looks like it squatted down and took off like a domestic Click here to enlarge
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by JRCART Click here to enlarge
        I actually think LZH or I are more suited to address this question since we have a lot more road course experience with Black Series than Steve does. I am not aware of any stock or untuned BSs having any limp mode issues. There were a small handful of guys(me included) with early Powerchip tunes that were experiencing some limp mode issues after long, hard stints on a road course. The issue was addressed over 3 years ago and I have not heard of it happening to anyone else since. As I stated I have not heard of a single stock ecu BS ever having this problem so if there is its news to me and considering I have attended road course events throughout the country with probably close to 20 BSs total at various events and never seen it happen I doubt its an issue.

        I am itching to get it out on a road course and I will report back my results when I get it out there.

        Thanks for the response, and you are right the BS does have a supp trans cooler and is no doubt from the factory far better suited to a road course. Still you are pushing the envelope hard, no other road course running 63 has the torque and area under that curve you do. Either way you'll be pushing the limits and we'll learn from what you find.

        Now what about the rest of the 63 guys, like lzh mentioned a lot of C63s are open tracked. Stock, tuned, tuned with headers in the right weather aka summer and there have been many instances. I think we all agree that more torque equals more heat in the driveline right? I guess we'll have to wait for results but I was curious if weistec had any input maybe a planned supp trans cooler for other 63s in the pipeline?
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        I'm sure if you asked them to run a trans cooler they'd have one figured out in about 30 mins, if they haven't already. On the drivers side of the C63 front bumper near the fog lights there is an empty bay that would be perfect for an additional trans cooler.
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        i should of done the intro this needs a more epic intro.
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        Not bad for first day on track with the blower!