• 2011 Formula 1 German Grand Prix - Mercedes GP Qualifying Report

      Webber for the second race in a row was able to take pole postion in Germany. Hamilton was suprised with second after Mclaren's horrible runs on friday. Vettel for the first time in 15 races will be out of the first grid row in third place followed by Alonso and Massa. Qualifying was a mixed bag for Mercedes GP this week. Nico Rosberg took sixth spot behind the top 3 teams, while Schumacher finished last in the top ten shootout after squeezing in the third round. This was a bit disappointing for him after finishing in the top 5 in the practice sessions. Schumacher suffered a KERS failure in practice 3 that was fixed for the qualifying session but was still 1.2sec off his teammate.

      Michael Schumacher:

      Already this morning, the car was not the one I had in my hands up to the first run in P3. It felt like I was just sliding around out there and the balance wasnít great. We had a KERS problem this morning, which we thought explained the big gap to Nico, however in qualifying I was still nearly a second away and couldnít have matched his time, so we have to analyse deeply what could be the reason for it. Obviously then, I tried to push even harder to compensate which led to a mistake in the last chicane on my last lap, probably costing me P8. We now have to see how we can improve for tomorrow, and I will certainly try to have a good start and a race as good as possible.
      Nico Rosberg:

      Sixth is a good place to start tomorrow, and whether the conditions are wet or dry, I think we can have a good race from there. Iím happy with the set-up work that we have achieved this weekend and that the new parts are working which is really satisfying. We can see that we are going in the right direction. It should be an exciting race tomorrow and hopefully I can make up a couple of positions in front of all the German supporters

      Ross Brawn:

      Michael was less happy with his balance, and had a moment on his final lap, but we still have a reasonable base for tomorrow with both drivers starting in the top ten. We have made good progress over the weekend in understanding how to use our new aerodynamic package, and hope to consolidate that work in race conditions. We have also learned this weekend that Silverstone doesnít have a monopoly on cold and wet summers! The forecast for tomorrow remains mixed and, while wet weather brings no guarantees, it always presents us with opportunities
      Norbert Haug:

      Nico did an excellent job extracting everything possible from our car in qualifying. Michael had a little moment in the last chicane and found his car generally not as well balanced as yesterday. Tomorrow our target will be to score as many points as possible and hopefully we can be in the mix for a top five result - the forecast says rain, so tomorrow will be quite unpredictable.
      Full Qualifying Results:

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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sticky Click here to enlarge
        ^ Damn nice job with the tables Scourge! Very well done article/post.
        Thanks man! Hoping the race will as exciting as the qualifying
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        Hamilton won in style at an exciting Nurburgring today. He managed to come on top with a three way battle with Fernando Alonso, and Mark Webber that lasted till the end of the final pitstop at the closing stage of the race. All three drivers managed to lead the race at one point in the final 10 laps, with the distance between all three never going above 2 seconds. But Hamilton managed finish first after over taking Alonso on the first corner exit his pitstop. Vettel had a forgetful race as he fought with Ferrari's Massa for fourth place. Massa was able to hold of Vettel's attacks until they pitted for medium tires on the last lap. Red Bull's pit crew proved to be quicker and released him a full second faster than Massa's crew. Adrian Sutil took six spot after opting for one less stop than the rest. Nico Rosberg took seventh after having a battle with Massa at the beginning of the race. Michael Schumacher who started tenth on the grid managed to come in position over take Rosberg early in the race, fell victim to the wet astro turf and spun his car at the entrance to the corner named after him. Schumacher dropped to eleventh after that and fought his way back to take eight place. Kobayashi and Petrov round up the last 2 places in the top ten.

        This race saw the retirement of Nick Hiedfeld after trying to over take Buemi, was squeezed to the grass and launching over one of the distance markers before Schumacher's corner. Other retirements were Jenson Button with a hydraulic failure, Barrichello because of an oil leak, and Liuzzi with electrical problems.

        After the race the Mercedes GP team had this to say:

        Nico Rosberg 7th place:

        I had a good start to the race today and made up one position on the first lap to be running in fifth place. However I didnít have a perfect set-up today and the car wasnít working quite as well as in qualifying. Ihad some good battles with Massa but despite pushing hard, it was impossible to keep him behind me. Seventh place is ok but we know that we have some work to do to maximise our latest upgrades in the race. I have a great team behind me, both the engineers and the boys in the garage, so I am confident that we will do this and we will see what happens next week in Hungary.
        Michael Schumacher 8th place:

        We had lots of action for both the spectators and the drivers today. Hopefully everyone in the grandstands was entertained and it made up forthe cold temperatures a little. My spin caught me by complete surprise,but that spot is known to be tricky in wet conditions, even if the conditions were not so wet today. Anyway, it obviously cost me some positions which was a shame. Towards the end, rain could have helped butthe chances were low so I did not count on it. All in all, I am ok withthe race. With the little improvements we have made, we can look
        forward to Hungary now.
        Ross Brawn:

        Things looked pretty good for us in the early stages of the race, with Nico running strongly in the top six, and he seemed set for a top six finish. However, the pace was not there in the third stint, which cost him a position. As for Michael, we believe that he braked on a damp patch on the way into turn 10, which caused him to spin. After that, he drove a strong recovery to finish less than ten seconds behind Nico. We saw some good racing all through the field today, with our drivers involved in plenty of it, and scored a few more important points for ourChampionship position.
        Norbert Haug:

        At least we scored points today with seventh and eighth positions for Nico and Michael. Our race speed was somewhat compromised as both Nico and Michael needed to save fuel for quite a long period of time. At the beginning of the race, our speed looked better relative to the pace of the top three teams than it did from one-third distance onwards
        Full Race Results:
        Pos Country Driver Car Team Grid Fastest Lap Race Time Points

        1 great britain Lewis Hamilton 3 McLaren-Mercedes 2 1:34.302 1:37:30.334 25
        2 spain Fernando Alonso 5 Ferrari 4 1:34.626 +00:03.980 18
        3 australia Mark Webber 2 Red Bull-Renault 1 1:34.468 +00:09.788 15
        4 germany Sebastian Vettel 1 Red Bull-Renault 3 1:34.587 +00:47.921 12
        5 brazil Felipe Massa 6 Ferrari 5 1:34.609 +00:52.252 10
        6 germany Adrian Sutil 14 Force India-Mercedes 8 1:36.653 +01:26.208 8
        7 germany Nico Rosberg 8 Mercedes GP 6 1:36.181 lapped 6
        8 germany Michael Schumacher 7 Mercedes GP 10 1:35.628 lapped 4
        9 japan Kamui Kobayashi 16 Sauber 17 1:36.659 lapped 2
        10 russian federation Vitaly Petrov 10 Renault 9 1:36.186 lapped 1
        11 mexico Sergio Perez 17 Sauber 15 1:37.033 lapped
        12 spain Jaime Alguersuari 19 Toro Rosso-Ferrari 16 1:37.415 lapped
        13 great britain Paul Di Resta 15 Force India-Mercedes 12 1:36.715 lapped
        14 venezuela Pastor Maldonado 12 Williams-Cosworth 13 1:37.568 lapped
        15 switzerland Sebastien Buemi 18 Toro Rosso-Ferrari 24 1:37.863 lapped
        16 finland Heikki Kovalainen 20 Lotus-Renault 18 1:39.050 lapped
        17 germany Timo Glock 24 Virgin-Cosworth 19 1:39.982 lapped
        18 belgium Jerome d'Ambrosio 25 Virgin-Cosworth 21 1:39.787 lapped
        19 australia Daniel Ricciardo 22 Hispania-Cosworth 22 1:40.489 lapped
        20 india Karun Chandhok 21 Lotus-Renault 20 1:40.435 lapped
        21 italy Vitantonio Liuzzi 23 Hispania-Cosworth 23 1:40.683 retired, 37 laps
        22 great britain Jenson Button 4 McLaren-Mercedes 7 1:36.258 retired, 35 laps
        23 brazil Rubens Barrichello 11 Williams-Cosworth 14 1:39.679 retired, 16 laps
        24 germany Nick Heidfeld 9 Renault 11 1:39.452 crash, 9 laps

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        Your articles are getting better and better! So glad to have you covering F1.
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        Interesting that Vettel didn't dominate this one. Might have been too soon to say he was running away with it.
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        Thanks man.

        It was interesting watching Vettel today, it was almost like it was Coulthard driving the car not him. He continued to make mistakes left and right. The only reason he got fourth was because of his pit crew. It's too early to judge and say that he might cracking under pressure. The good thing out of it though is that the championship race is becoming interesting again. Vettel is a good driver, but I don't watch to watch F1 when the rest are just fighting for second place.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by DavidV Click here to enlarge
        This is actually a quite funny remark of Ross Brawn.
        Apparently they made an exhaust (probably copied a design) with some aero changes, and it worked like a charm at Silverstone, although they do not understand why, and are now desperately looking into this to see if they can squeeze more performance out of this system.
        All the better for F1. The more competition up front, the more fun to watch.
        It is funny, but what he said is true. It applies to all teams. Since they can't do in season testing anymore, they have to rely on simulators and weekend practice sessions to understand the new parts.
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        Not cool putting the race results in the thread title though...spoiled the race for me, and I only made it to lap 9!!!
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by LZH Click here to enlarge
        Not cool putting the race results in the thread title though...spoiled the race for me.
        Ugh, sorry. It's hard in this instant world we live in to restrain from updating with those kinds of details.

        We'll be more cautious in the future. Fortunately, all you knew was how MB did. Did you expect them to win anyway? Click here to enlarge
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        No sweat buddy, and yes, I always expect a Mercedes to win Click here to enlarge
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by LZH Click here to enlarge
        No sweat buddy, and yes, I always expect a Mercedes to win Click here to enlarge
        You should stick to DTM watching. That would be less dissapointing Click here to enlarge