• Case for meth - What the pistons, heads, and valves of an ~800 whp AMG M177 V8 look like after miles with water-methanol injection

      Many people here are aware of water-methanol injection boosting octane which in turn allows for more power before detonation namely on pump fuels. As most modern turbo motors are direct injected there are other benefits as well that are often overlooked.

      Etuners Australia provided these pictures of an ~800 wheel horsepower M177 AMG with some use. It has upgraded turbos and runs pump gas.

      Now, if this car did not have water-meth these pictures would be ugly, namely the heads/valves:

      Notice no carbon buildup? Notice the water-meth helps with engine wear?

      Sure, the motor got some use but the heads and valves look to be in great shape.

      Etuners gives their breakdown:

      We often get asked about the benefits of water methanol injection or WMI as itís often referred too.

      The most common known and discussed reason to use WMI is the added benefits of increased octane for a slower burn rate in the combustion chamber allowing for more boost and or ignition advance.

      Secondly, depending on the location of the jets, we also use WMI to reduce intake charge temperatures which are seen when increasing boost on turbo applications.

      Itís probably the least talked about benefit of WMI that we would like to show you here in the photos below and that is engine health.

      The engine below has been running 800+ whp with upgraded turbos and WMI on pump fuel and the engine condition is phenomenal.

      As you can see in the combustion chambers, intake and exhaust valves as well as piston tops are all free of carbon build up that can cause catastrophic engine damage due to detonation.

      One more reason to have WMI installed on your engine
      Don't be scared of running water-methanol injection. It can only help your motor if properly installed and calibrated.

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      1. Stevenh's Avatar
        Stevenh -
        I'm curious how far downstream the nozzle can be to still achieve this effect. I have a nozzle at my intercooler outlet so Id have to imagine the mixture is fully evaporated by the time it makes it to the combustion cylinder (~30").
      1. 135idct's Avatar
        135idct -
        how near in the methanol nozzles? r they near the turbo inlet?
      1. kbaldi29's Avatar
        kbaldi29 -
        The recommended location for nozzles is at least 6in away from throttle ideally facing against airflow, but all depends on application, some cars is nearly impossible to install this way.