• First 3.X Mercedes-AMG 60-130 and new world record - GAD Motors C190 AMG GT R runs 3.97 60-130 and 3.45 100-200 kph

      Congratulations are in order to BenzBoost member @Gad6363 whose C190 Mercedes-AMG GT R set a new world record and new overall AMG performance record. The longstanding AMG 60-130 record held by Weistec was finally broken.

      The new record is 3.97 seconds 60-130 with a 100-200 kph sprint of 3.45 seconds:

      The car has a custom GAD Motors setup with a built M178 and upgraded dual clutch transmission.

      @Gad6363 can share more details on the build specs but it is running a variant of the GAD Motors 1200+ hp M178 package.

      GAD Motors certainly is setting incredible records in the Mercedes-AMG world as of late.

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        I can’t even imagine. Awesome.

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        Amazing - the car gets faster and faster! Click here to enlarge

        Keep on the good work!

        Greetings from Germany
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        It is indeed absurdly fast.