• Poor start to Formula 1 season for Mercedes - DNF for both cars at Australian Grand Prix

      The first race of the 2011 Formula 1 season was the Australian Grand Prix. Unfortunately for Mercedes both Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher did not finish the race. Schumacher was hit on the first lap and the damage forced him to retire on lap 19. Rosberg was hit by Barichello in the pits which caused a loss water pressure forcing him to retire on lap 22. Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull won the race.

      Nico Rosberg:

      “That was a disappointing first weekend of the season. It was a tough race until my retirement with the cars behind me pushing hard. I saw Rubens in my mirror and he was quite far away so I was surprised that he hit me. I immediately thought that was it and I had to pull over to stop the car. It’s very sad for the team as they have worked so hard this weekend and throughout the winter. However we focus on the positive and it will be interesting to see how we perform in Malaysia. Melbourne is a very unique track and we will only know where we really are after the next couple of races.”

      Michael Schumacher:

      “The start of the season certainly has not worked out as we had hoped, and we will tick this race off now and concentrate on the next one in Malaysia. I am very sorry for our guys here and at the factory who have worked so hard and so well over the winter, but for some reason we could not bring their work into results this weekend. As for the race itself, I had quite a good start but was then hit in turn three which punctured the right rear tyre and resulted in damage to the floor. As the damage was quite substantial, we decided to stop the car for safety reasons. It was an even bigger shame that Nico was then knocked out of the race as he could have scored some good points for the team. I still believe we have potential, as we saw during winter testing, and I am convinced we will fight back.”

      Ross Brawn:

      “This has obviously been a very frustrating weekend for our team. Michael’s race was spoilt almost immediately with a collision which eventually caused sufficient damage to force us to retire the car. Nico was running reasonably well, however an over-ambitious move from Rubens, which the stewards also agreed with, brought his race to an end. It’s a disappointing end to a disappointing first weekend of the season. We will demonstrate our strength as a team, put this race behind us, regroup and go forward from here.”

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      1. Sorena's Avatar
        Sorena -
        1 good suggestion for Schumacher :
        Retire !
      1. 930chas's Avatar
        930chas -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sorena Click here to enlarge
        1 good suggestion for Schumacher :
        Retire !
        I have to agree with this.

        Enjoyed the battle between Massa and Button yesterday, and found it humorous that the adjustable rear wing and kerrs really did nothing in helping Button gain ground, much less pass Massa.
      1. DavidV's Avatar
        DavidV -
        He sould have never come out of retirement.
        He was the hero (for many, not me), the 7 times world champion.
        He came back out of his own hobbyism, as a true adrenaline junky.
        He's just too old to be competitive in this sport.
        You really do need lighntning fast reaction times. Experience alone is not enough.
        But he is Ross's friend and Ross has full confidence in him.
        And that's why he is still there. I doubt if anyone else would have let him make a comeback.

        The ferrari is indeed increddibly strong in a straight line compared to the Mc Laren. They seem to have a better aero package for now.
        But let's not forget where Mc Laren was this winter. They have made an increddible recovery in the last few weeks.
      1. Sorena's Avatar
        Sorena -
        He was the hero (for many, not me), the 7 times world champion.
        neither I , he was a dirty driver. never liked his style
      1. DavidV's Avatar
        DavidV -
        His true self emerged for a moment last year when he tried to put Barichello into the wall.
        He had all the nasty habits from Senna, and too little of the beautifull driving skills.
        One thing he could do very well was shape the people around him to a perfect team.
        That's what he did at Ferrari, adn that made him WC.

        I cheered for Hill, Hakkinen and Montoya instead
      1. MiamiAMG's Avatar
        MiamiAMG -
        I have been a huge McLaren fan ever since Mika. Considering how poorly they tested in the winter, i think they did quite well in the race, especially Lewis. As for Mercedes GP, i hope they do well, i like Nico, but i can't stand spoonface.