• The 2019 Mercedes-AMG W205 C43 AMG does not have larger M276 DELA 30 V6 turbochargers

      This is confusing but we finally have a clear answer courtesy of BenzBoost Premier vendor and Mercedes-AMG tuner AMR Performance. Mercedes-AMG stated the C43 receives larger turbochargers to boost output to 385 horsepower.

      Mercedes-AMG is being dishonest or made an honest mistake:

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      The AMG-enhanced 3.0-liter V6 biturbo engine boasts a high power output combined with low fuel consumption and emissions. The high power output is in part courtesy of separate, larger turbochargers (max. charge pressure 16 psi). Installed close to the engine, the two turbochargers are especially spontaneous in their response. The AMG power unit can be identified by the engine cover with red aluminum insert and AMG lettering.
      AMR Performance cleared this issue up:

      Quote Originally Posted by AMR
      We confirmed that the 2019 C43 does not have larger turbochargers. The increased power is due to increased boost pressure in the factory "tune" as well as an addition power from the EQ Boost unit.
      AMR Performance is the expert on the platform and readying a turbo upgrade for the M276 DELA 30 so if anyone knows the truth, it's them.

      This likely carries over to the W213 E43 AMG as well which Mercedes-AMG stated had larger M276 turbochargers.

      That means all 450 and 43 AMG models with the M276 DELA 30 turbo V6 motor have the exact same turbo hardware.

      BenzBoost reached out to Mercedes for comment but they have yet to respond.

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        there needs to be additional clarification though, the V6 doesn't have EQboost, only the i6 engines.