• Eurocharged Canada gets a monster 740 lb-ft out of a Mercedes-AMG W166 GLE63S SUV

      This beast of an SUV belongs to BenzBoost member @meeru. He sent it to Eurocharged Canada for a tune and the result reminds us why so many love the M157 5.5 liter V8. It is a shame it is being replaced in the 5300+ pound Mercedes SUV's as the torque curve perfectly complements the big German tanks.

      740 lb-ft of torque at all four wheels at roughly 3700 rpm:

      The truck is not lacking for torque down low. You have a spread of over 700 lb-ft for almost 2500 rpm.

      Peak horsepower comes at 5000 rpm with 631 to the wheels.

      The turbos do run a bit out of breath up top and that is why the M177/M178 are replacing this motor.

      Not much will replace the feeling of that avalanche of torque right off the line though that few motors other than the M157 can provide.

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        meeru -
        Sticky u rock!
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        Sticky -
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        Sticky u rock!
        I have my moments Click here to enlarge

        Enjoy the truck!
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        It's nice to see that M157 deliver the low end grunt. I wish turbos weren't so difficult to swap on this platform!
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        meeru -
        Yea its really complicated on this car! I guess I can go meth