• Prototype BMS JB4 tune results on W205 Mercedes-AMG C63 M177 - 561 rwhp

      Well, with results like these no wonder the JB4 is as popular as it is. These are prototype JB4 numbers meaning the production model will be further tested and tuned but things are already very promising. How does 561 rear wheel horsepower sound?

      That is just shy of a 100 wheel horsepower gain over the baseline reading of 465 to the tires:

      The torque gain is equally impressive with peak torque improving from 493 lb-ft to 572 lb-ft at the wheels. The curve itself is very clear with gains throughout and not a big torque peak down low that quickly tapers as the turbos run out of steam.

      This is achieved on an E30 blend with a prototype BMS intake.

      A very, very nice start.

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      1) Stock performed better than expected at 465whp / 490wtq, stock boost was ~9.5psi under these testing conditions.

      2) Using the JB4 we raised boost up to 15.5psi peak but kept a nice taper up top to keep things safe. Power jumped up to 537whp / 597wtq.

      3) We previously determined that the factory intake is a major restriction so we installed a prototype BMS intake system with the car on the dyno and the reduced restriction allowed it to hit 561whp.

      4) We ended up dialing back torque a bit in the end to smooth out the power delivery but there is plenty on tap. This platform can probably break 700wtq if you really want it to.

      5) With all the torque on the road we've set the JB4 to limit boost in 1st and 2nd gear for improved traction. It's a nice JB4 user adjustable option there for you when you need it.

      Also worth mentioning the JB4 is different animal than all of the other C63 tuning boxes currently available for the platform. Offering CANbus, fuel control, boost by gear, wireless logging to your smart phone, and a lot more to be discussed later. We're just getting started here.

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        spool twice -
        the TQ response down low is incredible, very quick to spool on this engine!