• Eurocharged Canada Mercedes-AMG W213 E63 S M177 ECU tune hits 689 wheel horsepower

      Very interesting numbers here from Eurocharged Canada and BenzBoost member @meeru's W213 E63 S. Keep in mind this car also has catless downpipes so it is not software only. Regardless, they hit some impressive peak figures.

      689 wheel horsepower is incredible but look at the torque figure:

      782 lb-ft of torque at the wheels? That comfortably exceeds what the BMW F90 M5 is hitting with a tune and catless downpipes.

      It is difficult to explain why the smaller 4.0 liter M177 motor is producing so much more torque than the BMW F90 M5 S63TU2 especially without seeing the horsepower and torque curves.

      No doubt the heavier AMG will benefit from the extra torque.

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