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    03-08-2018, 09:02 PM
    What does an S63 AMG go for? It starts at $147,500. For that money you expect a premium dealer experience just as the dealer expects a premium profit. This video confirms what many of us fear when dropping our high end cars off at the dealer. They do not give a shit about it and rip you off. The service techs are not exactly the clientele that buys $100k+ cars like the one they are 'servicing' here. You can tell by the way they speak but also what transpires. The S63 literally gets 11 minutes of service time. Anyone want to venture to guess how many hours they bill for what really is minutes of work? How much money do they manage to rip off people in this manner? The rest of the time the techs take the S63 for a joy ride. Seriously, they even take the customer car through a drive-thru. The frosty shakes they pick up melt and leave a sticky residue in the cup holders. Infuriating. The manages calls to say parts in the trunk were supposed to be installed but the techs instead go 'road testing' the car. How many of your cars do you think techs 'road tested' in this manner over the years? What do you expect from people who are not even able to master reading a work order? Should they really be working on $150k+ cars? So, is that all? No, the techs go over curbs at 50+ kph and crack a rim. All of this while talking down on the customer during their joy ride. The service manager attempted to blame the owner but fortunately he has a dash cam. What do we learn from all of this? 1. Ideally, avoid the dealer for work. 2. Get a dashcam and have it running the whole time at the dealer. 3. Never buy or take a car to Mercedes-Benz Mississauga.
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    03-12-2018, 07:26 PM
    A somewhat amusing race due to the commentary of the C63 driver. Still, two very strong cars and the W204 C63 is said to have the Weistec Stage III M156 supercharger which means a 3.0 liter blower. The GTR is said to be FBO (full bolt ons) on E85. GTR's on stock turbos can range quite a bit depending on the quality of the tune but this GTR is apparently in the low 6XX all wheel horsepower range. The C63 jumps but the GTR closes the gap somewhat. They stay neck and neck until the C63 pulls up top to an indicated 190 mph. The cars stretched their legs, that's for sure.
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    03-16-2018, 09:29 PM
    A stock C7 Z06 is a strong car and a great barometer to race against. If you can top a C7 Z06 from a roll, you have a fairly quick car. This E90 335i automatic puts up a pretty good fight against the American torque monster. The weight between the two cars is actually fairly even. The 335i is on full E85 at 22 psi of boost with port injection. It also has a VFSF intercooler. The Z06 ultimately pulls past up top. If you don't want to get pulled and get taunted, you better be pushing more boost in that 335i.
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    03-05-2018, 07:15 PM
    When Mercedes-AMG launched the W213 generation E43 it received a nice power boost compared to other models powered by the M276 DELA 30 twin turbo 3.0 liter V6. The E43 got larger turbos which increased output to 396 horsepower. Well, Mercedes updated the W205 C43 AMG with these larger turbochargers and output is now rated at 385 horsepower. The lower rating compared to the E43 is likely ceremonial to maintain the artificial model hierarchy based on price. Whatever, the point is the C43 is now an even greater tuning bargain. AMR Performance was getting 427 wheel horsepower out of the old motor. The new one should offer quite a bit more tuning headroom thanks to the new turbos. There are other changes like the new round exhaust tips which mirror 53 AMG models and modified front and rear light designs. The minor cosmetic details are nice but what BenzBoost wants to see is what these new turbos can do.
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