M3 DCT flash from M3 GTS DIY

M3 DCT flash from M3 GTS DIY

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WARNING...If you dont know what your doing, dont be brave and blindly go into this advanced flashing of software into the TCU module.. If you mess up you can easily brick your tranny module and you will find yourself towing the car to the dealer and looking like a fool. If your not too confident in doing this, either pay someone or just do without it.....WinKFP is a very dangerous tool but yet its awesome and in terms of coding its pretty advanced.. Proceed after reading this warning if you choose to do so...

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You can purchase a proven cable that works...Please dont ask will this one work as it is cheaper if so...Buy one that is proven!

ONE NOTE::: Please no PMs on how to set it WIN KFP and IDIBAS. You have to do some work yourself..

When you Install Win KFP and IDIBAS make sure that is woking. You do not need assemble line data in Win KFP

Here we go:

-Copy all files from M3-GTS-FLASH to C:\EC-APPS\NFS ( replace all files )

-Make sure your battery is good if not get a battery charger

-Open drivers door and turn ignition ON (cluster guage on)

-connect cable to obd connector of car

-Load Winkpf software

-Press (F1) comfort mode

-Press (F3) Update ZUSB

-Choose ECU GS40

-Press (F2) Choose ZUSB

-Choose ECU GS40 and next to it there will be ZB-Numbers..Find 7845773

-Click ok

-If you have done it correctly so far you will see at the top Assembly Identification number 7845773 (M3 GTS assembly line file) and it will automatically reference the software 7845773

-Press (F4) Enter VIN ( make sure you double check you have entered the correct VIN numbers)

-click ok

-Press DONE (F8)

-Press (F3) Program

-Pop up window will say you can code the ECU 63 more times, click ok

-Flashing begins and you will have to wait till it reaches 100%

-once it reaches 100% it will pop up again saying you have 62 more times to program the ECU, click ok

-Programming again starts, wait until this reaches 100%

-If everything is done correctly, then you will get a pop up screen saying programming done, click ok

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