IKCOS bin file BMW 1M euro spec from 06/2012

IKCOS bin file BMW 1M euro spec from 06/2012

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Dear all,

Here is the bin file of my 1M.

I did a dynotest (on a hyperflow stand) and car shows 327 hp and 510 Nm of torque at the wheels . Taking into account 12% of transmission losses we get respectively 372 hp at flywheel and 570 Nm of torque. Quite impressive. What I can say is that the stand is calibrated and does not overpower the cars, and other 1M previously tested shown normal figures values of torque and power (520 Nm and 345 hp at engine).

One thing: temperature when we did the dyno was about 0 degree celcius.

As far as I bought my car used, is the bin file original ?

Moreover, boost, torque and power curves are not very regular.

I use tunerpro and .xdf definitions I ve found for IKCOS rom but it occurs that some values are not right. Does the 1M use exactly IKCOS rom or do they differ a bit?
Where can I find deeper explanation of all the tables we can find with tunerpro using the xdf definition file for IKCOS rom? I do not success to understand all tables very well.

PS: I am coming from Subaru world, acquainted to remap on stock ECU and with MOTEC and Vipec systems. So BMW is new for me, but I have engine tuning knowledge.

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