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    Meticulous AW E46 M3 VCSL/iForged/AP Racing/K40

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    For Sale Ad in web view:

    Below is my farewell to my amazing E46 M3 that has brought much joy and fun to my life over the last couple of years. Since the MY2000 launch of the M3, I dreamed about owning this car. I lusted over it and finally was able to purchase one after graduation. I built this car as a one-of-a-kind machine, with extreme thought put into each modification, maintenance, and street driving manners. Iíve put a lot of hours, studying and testing - not to mention blood, sweat, and tears - into this car to get it to this point. Whoever owns this car next will be very happy with it, and enjoy it more then I can.

    Before you get into the details - It is THE turnkey perfect E46 M3. The modifications were extremely well thought-out and tested to bring out the true character of how an M3 was designed, while not defeating the BMWís purpose of the luxury/performance/daily driveable nature This is how I balanced modifications that did not come with a downside of being too loud, too stiff, or track only, or have problems with emission compliance. Not only am I a car enthusiast, owning every previous year M3 prior, but I detail vehicles professionally, along with DME/ECU professional tuning, I think Iím slightly (undiagnosed) OCD, and the car benefits from it. I believe you will not find an M3 cleaner than this one for the year. You must see it to believe it.

    Reason for sale: Simple Ė 2008-9 E92 M3. New lifestyle possibly leans towards automatic (DCT) due to city traffic, as does an injury of mine and different priorities - so it has been garaged more frequently. It is time to pass it on to someone who will enjoy it as much as I once had the time to do, and drive it the way it was intended - I kept it as only a garage queen. The car is fully paid for. I am not in a financial position where i need to sell it Ė clean title in hand. It is garaged and not taking up space. Iíve had every generation of M3, so this makes sense to move and start building the new platform.

    Why is it special and demand over book value? Itís in near showroom condition. It is enjoyed but barely driven, and never abused. Thanks to the beautiful full detail job and nearly obsessive upkeep, you wonít see the few nicks from road debris on the lower front air dam, or the dimples and scratches from inconsiderate people. It has been meticulously cared for, serviced and has never once seen a car wash. (It is one of my few instances of physical exertion to hand wash it every weekend.) As I have a company vehicle, it rarely sat under the sun Ė always garaged when it was not on the road. It is smogged and registered until December of 2011.

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    Overview of the vehicle:

    2002 Alpine white BMW M3 3.2L S54

    6 Speed, 2 door, Alpine white exterior with Grey Leather/Titanium interior trim
    ALL options car: Cold weather, Premium, 16.9 NAV, HK upgrade, PDC sensors
    16:9 Navigation with OEM TV tuner, DVD player integration built into trunk into factory NAV screen
    Cold weather package, Ski sock (removed but included , headlight cleaners, heated mirrors/seats)
    HK upgraded stereo all around
    Just turned 70,xxx miles 90% highway/ 10% city - was CPO till 60k.
    Non-daily driver, average 3,000 miles per year. Mostly driven to and from shows Ė no commuting. Garaged 24/7, never left outside. Never seen snow or salt, barely any rain I know all previous owner history which was identical to mine.
    IMMACULATE condition, meticulously taken care of/upgraded/professionally detailed
    Clean title: No accidents , no stories Ė FLAWLESS, clean carfax
    Original owner bought/serviced it 100% as a CPO BMW M3 at a reputable dealer, the paper trail of the carís history was followed closely by me upon purchase Ė(All included)



    19x9 F 19x10 R iForged Seneka wheels in Brushed Aluminum with 235/265 Falken 452 tires. Less then 400 miles! Road force balanced
    V-CSL double-sided CF trunk, keyhole deleted (rare discontinued item) fully painted + LED plate lights conversion
    V-CSL half carbon diffuser
    V-CSL GTS3 front CF splitter
    OEM Euro bumper (reflectors deleted, and plate holes deleted)
    Professionally rolled rear fenders for wheel fitment
    Cold weather front eyelid delete (comes with washer eyelids as well)
    Stealth Bulbs
    LED Taillight conversion
    39% Optik tint all around, 10% sunroof
    Philips 5000k HID Headlight bulbs
    Philips 3000k Foglight bulbs
    Orion V2 LED Angel eyes, wired to hidden on/off interior switch


    Titanium Interior trim
    Full interior LED conversion
    ZHP leather shift knob, with matching 6spd boot
    Custom installation of K40 radar system into center console
    Custom installation of Adjustable Bass gain for Infinity Basslink


    Full integrated K40 Laser/Radar/Diffuser setup built underneath car (cockpit controlled)
    OEM 16.9 NAV with upgrade NAV software, in-dash Tv Tuner, and DVD integrated into trunk which runs off remote:
    All speakers upgraded to Alpine Type-X (with dynamat) on OEM amps, replaced ďseparateĒ OEM tweeters with new. (Sounds awesome)
    DICE Silverline IPOD Integration
    Full rear seat, and rear trunk has Dynamat underneath carpet for noise/drone absorption
    Infinity Basslink with remote bass gain setup in interior


    AFE S1 coated heatshelid box. Large Pro-S AFE dry filter
    SAMCO black intake arm boot
    Custom section 1 rasp terminator with (2) 18Ē Magnaflow resonators, 100% rasp elimination
    0tek Rear muffler section (Excellent low key sound when coupled with midpipe)
    Custom PC/BT Tuned DME file for modifications
    Rogue Engineering (Street) Transmission mounts, and Brand new OEM motor mounts and Guibo
    UUC Big Boy clutch stop


    BC Racing ER Inverted strut coilover kit with adjustable camber plates. Comes with both 8k and 10k springs. Car currently has the 8k street springs installed.
    BC Racing Adjustable camber plates -4 camber to +4 (verified)
    BC Racing front endlinks and FSM/RSMís
    PowerFlex RTAB bushings
    OEM Strut bar added from 2003+ M3
    Brand new OEM rear endlinks
    Brand new OEM spring pads
    Brand new OEM front L/R wheel bearings/Hub assemblies


    AP Racing 14.8Ē Big brake kit, 6 pot front, 4 pot rear using Euro CSL rotors
    DS2500 Street pads all the way around
    Stainless lines F/R with Motul Fluid

    OEM parts replaced due to age or wear and tear:


    OEM Bosch headlight lenses with new
    OEM Corner lights
    OEM sidemarkers
    OEM foglights and trim
    OEM grills
    ALL interior trim replaced under warranty
    Shift knob/boot
    BRAND NEW 100 mile OEM E46 M3 Steering wheel Tri-M Stitched
    All roundels
    New mirror glass from heated mirror discoloration


    Shifter trim
    New center console
    OEM trunk carpet mat
    Various replaced stock parts included


    All Inspection I and IIís completed by BMW Dealership, along with all CPO work
    New upgraded Battery (less than a month)
    Motor mounts
    Transmission mounts
    Front control arm bushings
    Rear endlinks
    Vanos filter
    Brand new OEM front L/R wheel bearings/Hub assemblies
    All services 15k, 30k, 45k with all OEM parts used. Including the dreaded valve adjustment
    Always ran OEM fluids, nothing else
    Tire pressure set weekly (even though the new set has less than 300 miles)
    Every rattle, squeak fixed before bumper to bumper warranty was up, including the rear deck.
    All TBS and Recalls completed
    Always ran factory Castrol oil, changed every 5k with OEM filter
    Does not burn ANY oil in between an oil change (freak M3)
    Always ran Shell V-Power 93 octane, never anything else
    Periodically Seafoamed and Techron injector cleaner
    A/C never used, full charge and blows cold

    Detailing: (Weekly/Bi-Weekly)

    Power washed with Zaino Z10, full exterior, engine bay, and undercarriage, wheels, exhaust
    Claybar'd with Zaino z6, dried by method of air, no friction
    Quarterly Zaino coats (z5 pro, AIO, CS), and periodical machine polishing if a swirl would show up with full Menenrza products (SIP, PO85)
    Hand polish windows inside and out every wash, door jams, dress tires and wheelwells.
    Polish headlights, taillights, muffler
    Full vacuum and dressed mats, steam cleaning every other month, and seats taken out every 6 months for cleaning, magic eraser followed by leatherique products applied quarterly
    No smoking or food or pets allowed in vehicle, no bags or anything with the ability to scratch allowed in backseat, only trunk. (This does not go over well with females FYI!)
    Not a significant scratch, mar, rock chip, or sap drop/tar on this whole car! Even with its OEM BMW paint! People ask me if itís been fully re-sprayed before, the answer is NO

    Turn Key vehicle:

    Completed sorted out and checked twice
    Full compression motor that doesn't burn any oil like normal S54s
    5+ hours of impeccable part throttle and wide open tuning
    All fluids are fresh and new along with filters
    Brand new suspension components and alignment
    Brand new road balance wheels and tires
    Very new brake components including flush, and rotor rings and pads

    Condition report:

    Looks amazing. All panels line up and all paint work matches perfectly. No misfitment of bumpers, hoods, or trunk. Over 4 hours spent making V-CSL trunk to look OEM alone
    Interior: Freshly steam cleaned. Free of scuffs or any other marring. Cigarette lighter has cover slight marring over the years. Rearview mirror has no issues like normal M3ís
    Trunk: Fresh OEM carpets and detailed. DVD and Basslink do not take up much space due to placement.
    Engine Bay: Immaculate, one small mar on the strut bar paint from where it contacts the hood, Very normal on E46
    Paint flaws: None! Near showroom condition. A full detail will be completed prior to delivery to new owner
    Tire tread: 98%+, Brand new all the way around
    Brake life: Over 70% left all the way around on pads, newer friction rings (rotors) all around
    Fluid life: Oil/Brake/Transmission/Diff fluid completed within last 1000 miles
    Filters: All fresh, Air/Oil/Vanos/Microfilter

    Performance/Observed street driving characteristics:

    301whp on 93 octane
    Brakes are very daily driver friendly, donít squeak and street pads donít need heat to bite well. They also wear really well less dust and extended life over stock brakes
    Suspension is 32 way adjustable and rides better then a stock progressive spring M3 at 50% settings
    13.2@108 in 100 degree weather (one and only pass made on previous tires)
    23 MPG city 28 MPG highway
    Passes inspection here 100% with 35% tint and custom tune, it accounts for and uses all new DME logic for readiness monitors. Most cars have trouble with this, this M3 does not
    Car is rock-solid reliable, it has not even thrown one problem or check engine light since I purchased it
    Subframe inspected and in-tact, all recalls performed, all service bulletins performed

    Previous recent vehicle references: (to show the lengths Iíve gone and cleanliness of previous cars)


    E36 M3

    FINANCING (aw/ir02vert paraphrased): Due to the nature of the car, there is a very significant factor that will come into play if you are choosing to finance your purchase. At best, with your top-tier credit score, you should be able to get up to 125% financing on the Blue Book Retail value of the STOCK car plus its corresponding tax, which for this particular vehicle with all the options factored in is around 22,000. You will not be able to 100% finance this outright through a bank as an auto-only loan.

    Serious Inquiries only: No tire kickers or lowballers, or low ball PMs, these replies or emails will be ignored. This is not a car for someone who wants a cheap KBB E46 M3. Car is flawless, with EXTREME attention to detail and cleanliness. Any and all worn item was replaced with OEM and car looks almost as good as Showroom NEW. This is the car for someone who wants a perfect sorted like-new E46 M3 with some of the best modifications on the market with all the weaknesses/trouble areas of the E46 M3 eliminated.


    I have tried to anticipate the most important issues that might come up.

    1. Please obtain your own financing if necessary. I will not carry any loans, nor accept credit cards.
    2. Out of state buyers must set up their own shipping arrangements. works great.
    3. I have a Carfax report, and I will email it to you at your request.
    4. I will not entertain any swapping out of parts or parting out parts. The car will be sold as is in one piece.
    5. I understand this car appeals to a specific demographic and person with liquid finances.
    6. I reserve the right to refuse a test drive. Test drives will be accompanied by the seller.
    7. Car will be shown by appointment only in Central MA location. I will not drive out of my way to show it.
    8. A $500 Deposit will hold the car for 5 days, after that it is non-refundable. This window is necessary as deposits in past have turned from I need 3 days to I need 3 months to come up with the cash. This epidemic essentially pushes out potential buyers. The rest of the money needs to be wired via ACH, cashierís check, or cash.
    9. Please, no joy riders or daydreamers. SERIOUS buyers only. Pre-approved/cash customers. As mentioned above you may not be able to finance this outright through a bank as an auto only loan due to value so make proper arrangements prior. I want to give my undivided attention to the proper buyer and their questions and do not want to waste time on craiglist style question/offers and demands to non-serious buyers.
    10. Do not bother emailing me with offers or anything that refers to KBB.

    Specific pictures can be taken by email request.

    Price: $28,000 firm

    Email: for inquiries. Don't hesitate this is one of the nicest E46 M3's around.

    No Trades: Unless itís an AW E92 M3 + cash on my part.

    Click here to enlarge

    Readers: Please do not clutter the thread with comments on price, modifications, photog-ing, part outs etc. This thread is for discussion and question/answer between a serious buyer and a serious seller, please respect it.

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    It is an absolute well taken care of beauty! GOOD LUCK!

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    Sticky - PM'd you Click here to enlarge

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    Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by BrenM3 Click here to enlarge
    Sticky - PM'd you Click here to enlarge
    I know Click here to enlarge PM'd you right back and sending you that e-mail.

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    Great looking car, and perfect for sale ad. Well done.

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