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    Any big time investors on this site? As a secondary Job I'm a venture capitalist. And I have a

    I have a two up and coming recycling companies that are looking for capital. And if any of you are into these kind of investments you can make a lot of money with these two business's. One company is offering a service to roofing companies to rent out 5 mini dumpster to the contractors when they do roof tear offs to recycle the shingles. Right now they come in cheap compared to a 30 yard dumpster. at $275 rental fee. And then on the flip side the make pavement out of the asphalt shingles. The other company has a couple huge deals and needs start up capital to open facilities where they turn garbage into e-coal and sell electricity. So they will charge a tip fee like a land fill and then sell the energy they produce and they will be recycling as much as the garbage as they can. They have a new clean way to create the energy with the patented technology they posses..

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    If anyone has any spare money laying around I'm a venture capitalist as well and could use it. I have three up and coming automotive websitse and you can make a lot of money with those.

    Give me money.

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