These rotors are $1,999 for the full set, front and rear.

Said to save 40 pounds if you have 1 piece rotors from the factory and around 20 pounds if you have two piece. Not sure which cars have 2 piece or 1 piece.

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Designed as a direct brake rotor replacement for the OE 1-piece or 2-piece brake rotors (front and rear). No modifications are necessary. The Evosport rotors will bolt directly to the car and work with OE AMG brake calipers. Not only will the upgraded multi-piece "floating" rotor design help mitigate brake fade, but are lighter than stock and reduce unsprung weight by up to 40-lbs. on all four corners! Note: 26-lbs weight savings on vehicles equipped with 2-piece OE front rotors. This means better acceleration, braking and cornering. In addition, you get to maintain the AMG calipers without going to a more expensive solution that requires replacing them.

Drilled and slotted to match the OE rotors, hats are lightweight aluminum and hard anodized. And unlike the stock rotors that only vent correct on one side (or have universal venting), the Evosport rotors have a Right and Left application for proper venting of the disc and chaneling of airflow.


  • Direct bolt-on design requires no modification
  • Works with OE AMG calipers
  • Lightweight design (up to 40-lbs unsprung weight savings over stock! 26-lbs weight savings on vehicles equipped with 2-piece OE front rotors.)
  • Aluminum hat, hard anodized (Black)
  • Better value and cost of ownership over OE! The OE 2-piece 360mm rotor sells for $990 EACH!
  • Unique Left/Right application for proper venting/airflow (unlike OE)
  • Replaceable discs and hardware
  • Better heat dissipation and less brake fade
  • Improved acceleration, braking and cornering with less unsprung weight!

Includes Front and Rear rotors with black anodized hats (Front or Rear pairs can also be purchased separately). For more information or to order, CLICK HERE.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.

Anthracite anodized hats shown below. Actual rotors have black anodize:

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Evosport 2-Piece Rotor Installed on SL63 AMG (Note: Right-Side Rotor Shown):

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