Autocar often takes leaps with their coverage. They did something similar to this with their E92 M3 coverage claiming they had the final design before it was officially released. They were close but not 100% correct with their rendering. That is probably the same case here as Autocar released their design sketches before the official debut of the finished product. How close are they to the real deal?

Probably pretty close. The proportions all seem intact from the spyphotos and the design language is the modern Mercedes-Benz with LED lights. The front lights in particular taking a cue from the CLS refresh.

Autocar notably did not include any shot of the rear. If they have the final design, why not? Regardless, the AMG GT is going to push the Mercedes styling language further forward than the SLS which the Mercedes design chief finds a bit generic. BenzBoost considers the SLS beautiful but Gorden Wagener stated, “The SLS is a fantastic car, but it is nonetheless a generic design – it has a bit of a mathematical structure."

This is the first time anyone has said the SLS is generic in its design. Do not expect the AMG GT to look like the SLS, “This new car goes beyond this; we avoided having any sharp edges and created a look that is sophisticated on one hand and modern and high-tech on the other. It really embodies the idea of sensual purity you will see in every new Mercedes car.”

Ok then, let's see it.

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