Mercedes-Benz caught its competition with its pants down when it introduced the "four-door coupe" CLS-Class. BMW and Audi then scrambled to provide a competitor and now we have the 6-Series Gran Coupe and Audi A7 respectively. With the introduction of the BMW X6 neither Audi or Mercedes had an answer in the lineup. Mercedes seeing the success of the X6 is intent on taking a bite out of this lucrative market with the upcoming MLC.

This vehicle makes sense for Mercedes-Benz as the engineering costs are relatively low considering it will share the vast majority of its pieces with the W166 M-Class making for large profit margins. It can be viewed as taking the exact same thing and simply giving it a different body. That also means an MLC63 AMG is likely on the horizon as well along with MLC350, MLC450, and MLC550 models.

Whatever you may think of it, the crossover segment is hot and sells. Expect to see the MLC in 2014.

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