Ok, so with my mobile radeon's giving out in my Alienware M18X I'm taking the excuse to buy a new PC. I'll likely fix this one up and just use it when on the road/traveling.

So, now comes the fun part. What to get?

I don't game anymore. That isn't the purpose. I need a high-res workstation with productivity in mind.

With 4K being so high res gaming at that resolution isn't even really possible yet and wasting $4k on 4 Titans to use them just to get the FPS decent is pointless anyway as I'll rarely play anything.

This is what I've picked out so far, thoughts?

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Monitors, two of these bad boys, probably will go to three depending on how I like them:

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Remember, productivity and ease of photo/video editing are the main goals. Also being able to have 13481048130480134803 browser windows open.

There is always the option of building it myself as well.