Bike versus car comparisons are always fun although the straightline comparison pretty much always goes to the bike. This one is fun though because first of all it includes the new facelifted R10 V10 Plus model. This 5.2 liter V10 R8 has the new 7-speed dual clutch transmission and a 542 horsepower tune for the V10 engine. It is the most powerful R8 available from the factory. With Audi acquiring Ducati for $1.1 billion a comparison between a Ducati bike and Audi car was naturally going to happen.

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This particular Ducati model squaring off against the R8 is the Diavel which has 162 horsepower but weighs only 515 pounds which is around 3000 pounds less than the R8. This comparison is pretty much all power to weight ratio which is what has and always will favor bikes. Although the extra traction and surface area afforded by all four wheels allows the car to brake better with the comparison between the two ending up close when the stopping time is factored in.

Still, always fun to see bike versus a car especially versus a dual clutch all wheel drive car. The R8 also does a very respectable and very fast for a stock car 0-100 mph time of 7.6 seconds.

Video below.