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This pic is missing the pipes from the turbos into the intake, no ?
Yea, it's missing the CF intake boxes on box sides & then the turbo inlet piping. If (more likely when) someone heavily mods this car, it'll be interesting to see how McLaren's DCT (sourced from Graziano, who also supplies the Aventador single-clutch gearbox) holds up.

Besides high HP tuning, reinforced automated gearboxes are going to be the next big frontier (and big business opportunity) for aftermarket modded cars. Lambo's already announced that once this current-gen Gallardo is done, they're dropping the MT all together. Ferrari's already made that move, and it seems like Porsche is trying to prolong the inevitable with the 7MT but adding the PDK into the GT3. I mean, even the Corvette is going to be getting a DCT.