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    Thumbs up Mahalo to Raz at Gintani

    I would like to thank Raz at Gintani for the excellent customer service I received in the purchase of my x-pipe.

    After the Supercharger went on and after I did a few dyno runs as well as a few highway runs I decided to get rid of the 100 Cell race catalytic converters. I did a little research here and there and noticed that I never came across a used Gintani x-pipe for sale. That just told me one thing ... People who bought it, loved it enough to keep the x-pipe and change the muffler.

    I contacted Raz back in May just to ask him a few questions. He was very fast to respond to all my PMs. He never once bothered me with PMs asking if I was ready to make my purchase (yes I’ve had a vendor that would PM me twice a week trying to push a sale on me). Raz at Gintani only PMd me back when he had question to answer.

    Once I made up my mind to purchase the Gintani x-pipe I decided to contact Raz again to place my order. Raz was very informative about the process of my order. He explained how long it would take to make the x-pipe and he also went over the different shipping options I had since it was going to be shipped to Hawaii. My order was placed on 06/28/2010 and I received a tracking number on 07/07/2010. I think 11 days to make, pack and ship it out is really, really fast.

    I received my x-pipe on the 07/12/2010 but due to work I was unable to put in on till today. I think unpacking the thing took the longest. Install was a cake, the x-pipe came with gaskets and new bolts for both the header flange and the x-pipe flange. The welds on the x-pipe are really clean. I did run into one problem ... as I was driving home I got a vibration noise from the front end of the car. I think its the O2s hitting the heat shield but I’ll take a look at it in the morning. I paired this x-pipe with my old Arqray Ti system that I had prior to my Ericsson system.

    I thought that the system would be crazy loud but it wasn’t that bad. I’m not sure about the drone because I didn’t really get a chance to drive far enough to hold it at one RPM level for a long time. Light turns green ... shift, shift, down shift, down shift, light turns red. I guess I’ll report back once I get a chance to drive to the other side of the island. I didn’t get a chance to strap the car on a dyno but I will next week. I should have some dyno graphs up soon.

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    Great to hear, thanks for the review.

    Look forward to the dyno graphs!

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