The year is not over yet but certainly is winding down. Good news for Mercedes-Benz as they lead BMW by 5,200 units sold up until this point. In the United States that makes for a 8.7% gain in September for Mercedes-Benz and 12.7% year to date. The Mercedes and BMW sales battle came down to the last few days of the year with every sale having an impact in the tight race in 2011 but it looks like Mercedes has themselves a bit of a cushion this year.

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Stave Cannon who is president and CEO of MBUSA stated, “We’re on our way to a record year with extraordinary momentum and demand outpacing supply.” Let's hope this momentum keeps up and Mercedes takes the crown from BMW as from an enthusiast perspective they certainly deserve it. AMG sales alone are up 37.6% and the US got a new Black Series model as well.

Hopefully this is a wake-up call to BMW that trying to shove every niche they possibly can down our throats is not more important than making the best core vehicles they possibly can.