We have known for a while now that Mercedes intended take on the Porsche 911 with a car coming in at a lower price point than the SLS. Reports confirm that the car has been given the green light and will be coming in 2014. We thought the car would be called the SLC but rumor is the SLR name will be revived. Why? We do not know, it does not make much sense to us as the SLR name was used for the Mercedes McLaren SLR supercar priced far above everything else in the lineup.

Whether it is called SLC or SLR it will literally be a baby SLS as the aluminum frame of the SLS will be shortened. There are rumors of a V6 going into it but we pretty much expect the new SLK55 AMG's M152 V8 with 415 horsepower (which may be tweaked a bit) to find its way into the car as that motor will be necessary to compete with the very quick Carrera S. A dual clutch transmission is almost certain. Will we see an AMG model? We hope so, we just are not sure what motor it would feature. An M157 twin turbo V8 would make this car ballistic and the M156 will likely be out of production by then. We will just have to wait and see.

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