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    FloridaBimmer ((~END OF YEAR MEET~)) 12/03/11 Crandon Park

    I just noticed that nobody posted here so I thought I'd share for anybody who might be able to make down on such short notice. I'll be there around 12ish, it should be a good time.

    Click here to enlarge

    We are organizing an END OF YEAR meet to say goodbye to 2011. I know we are all going to be busy for Christmas and New Years so we thought first weekend of December would be great.

    We are keeping this one simple just come hang out bring your drinks, food, etc. Weather should be cold and comfortable and no sunburns.More threads will be made for caravans to Key Biscayne, one from good old Shells of course.

    There is a toll to get into Key Biscayne I think is $1 or $1.25 and its like $5 to $10 to get in the park. I believe they only take cash.

    Click here to enlarge

    Since we arent going to be doing a rally this year we ask if you could please bring a toy for tots like last year. We will be talking to one of the hospitals and possibly set something up like last year for those who want to go AFTER the meet and caravan over. The toys will be donated to local hospital for kids with illnesses.

    You can register for the event on:

    4000 Crandon Blvd
    Key Biscayne, FL 33149

    Turn left on the sign that says South Beach

    Time: 11:30AM

    Click here to enlargeClick here to enlarge

    **Official Roll Call**
    1. E9TWO
    2. 1ForAll
    3. teleopti
    4. cgom3z
    5. dario335i / SuperChick
    6. EHDEN
    7. Viral
    8. mookie45
    9. IFX (Maybe to Far Click here to enlarge)
    10. lamia2super
    11. E90PAT
    12. jayk877
    13. ValeraKe90
    14. TigOn
    15. ArtistikD
    16. zerep1
    17. express705 (deflating E90PATs tires)
    18. Goose (only because my car is on the flyer!)
    19. adibaiz1
    20. dgoldstein328i 100%
    21. blackedout335i
    22. Poderes1
    23. DLV-Engineering
    24. vladr (Super AutoCross 135i)
    25. TomBMW
    26. miamimbj
    27. TACA A320
    28. JEMarsal
    29. escobar929
    30. pcmike
    31. Nr!qUe
    32. jayk877
    33. Soon2B330i (Plus 335 M-teck xi)
    34. RnmEvo9 (if he mans up) Click here to enlarge
    35. FiveKai
    36. JUJ13
    37. jlehrer
    38. jr*rokz328
    39. RobM23
    40. E90SoFlo
    41. TurboSid
    42. jayk877
    43. Max@FunctionForged
    Click here to enlarge
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    Pretty good roll call there.

    Would be nice for our Florida members to represent BB...

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