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I was on the track the whole time you were fixing your underpanels lol.. Next time for sure.

I have Falken 615k. 275/35 up front, 315/30 in the rear.

I've had KWs ever since I had my car, I want to upgrade to the ClubSports.

What BBK are you getting?
KW V3 right? Instead of KW CS, why not look into a more track oriented set up?

Like ASTs, or Motons?
Also, you can look into that used set of NTR Race coils SonicMS is selling.

I was going to get Sonic's ST Trophy kit but they decided to not sell it. so I'll see. I may just pick up a StopTech ST60 front for now.
Paying to fix the M's damages and a BBK, with Xmas coming up...too much $$ being spent. I may even have to hold off on the BBK until early next year. We will see.

I wish I hadn't gone off. damn. all this I missed out on track time Click here to enlarge

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Well he does have the P31 package too or something. It's like a built motor or something lol, I totally forgot.

I know, I know. I'm really tempted to come. On the cobalt SS forum it says for cobalt ss ppl they get free shirt lap timing and lunch lmao. I really think I should come. I have to see my financial situation next week, and through the holidays.
I'm not familiar with MBenz packages...
Free lunch? I want free lunch lol.
Come come come