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    *RARE* Opportunity to own a HPF Turbo Kit for below sticker - Details Inside

    HPF is enjoying some well deserved success and currently has a waiting list for installs of their turbo kits. You also rarely see a pre-owned kit up for sale.. the kits are in high demand and an opportunity to obtain one (and have it installed) at a significant discount doesn't happen often.
    I am in the process of upgrading to Stage 3 and rather than selling the Stage 2.5 specific components individually (turbo, injectors, exhaust, etc.) I have decided to offer my entire kit (except the motor) for sale as a pre-owned Stage 2 kit and purchase an entire new Stage 3 kit. If anyone wants Stage 2.5 HPF will be happy to sell you a built motor. The kit has approx 10k miles of use.

    The entire Stage 2 kit is up for sale for $14,999 and will include all of the following:
    • Complete Refurbished Stage 2 kit including all parts included in a new kit
    • HPF Feramic Stage 2 Clutch (required) I will measure the clutch disk and post wear specs
    • HPF Underbrace (required)
    • OEM M3 SOS mirror with integrated wideband and boost gauges
    • Remaining term of original warranty (approx 1 year)
    • (shipping costs are not included)

    • The Precision T67 Turbo is in perfect condition and looks virtually brand new.
    • The exhaust manifold and mounting plate are currently being sandblasted and will receive a fresh Ceramic coating.
    • The HPF exhaust components will be cleaned professionally and will look brand new.
    • The underbrace is being re-powder coated.
    • All of the intake and charge pipes are being cleaned and touched up. Any pipes with damage or that cannot be restored to like new condition will be replaced.
    • All of the HPF couplers and mounting hardware will be cleaned, inspected and any damaged couplers will be replaced.
    • A new set of all required gaskets will be included.
    • All mounting nuts and bolts will be replaced with new parts (unless in perfect condition).
    • A brand new set of NGK plugs will be included.
    • Any other parts not already mentioned that are found to have damage will be refurbished or replaced.
    The complete refurbished kit should be available within approx 10 days.
    Installation Options
    Ship/Deliver your car to HPF in Oregon.
    Stage 2 Install $3,000
    Please contact David Nguyen for lead time and other questions
    Ship/Deliver your car to me (Frisco, TX)
    Stage 2 Install $2000
    If you want me to install the kit I will require a full compression/leakdown test and confirmation the motor is healthy before you send your car. Please allow at least one week to complete the install.
    In addition to the Turbo upgrade I'm planning to tackle a few other projects while my car is down. I'm getting my wheels and brake calipers refinished, cleaning the entire undercarriage, suspension, replacing wheel well covers, getting a carbon fiber roof, installing a car pc system and a few other items.
    ***By the time my list of projects has been completed (probably about 30 days) if no one has purchased the Stage 2 kit I will keep it and simply order the Stage 3 upgrade from HPF.

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    Very nice deal for someone, best of luck with your sale!

    The HPF Stage 2 kit is an excellent S54 turbo setup.

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