Remember the MT comparison where CLS550 won? if you don't then go read it.
Here we are with the same comparison (minus XJ) from another well known magazine and guess what? the result is absolutely opposite.

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Highs and Lows and the Verdict about CLS550 (2nd car):

Highs: Pistons and turbos aplenty, comfy seats, great visibility, strong brakes, sharp steering.
Lows: Tight back seat and trunk, a nice shape busied up with styling graffiti, windshield reflections, more expensive.

The Verdict:
If money is no object and horsepower is, you can stop here.
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Highs and Lows and the Verdict about A7 3.0T (1st car):

Highs: Proves fastback rooflines still work, stupendously practical, useful back seat, feels sportier than it looks on paper.
Lows: Firm seats, louder tire slap, less interior glam, spongy brake pedal but a hyperactive throttle.

The Verdict: Audi hatches a Panamera for the plebes

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