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    Eurocharged C63 Two Piece Rotors by Racing Brake

    These two-piece rotors were engineered to be the best stock replacement two-piece rotor on the performance market. This rotor is direct bolt-on, easy to install, no additional hardware needed, and an excellent upgrade for both street and track. They can deliver consistent brake torque under extreme heat, session after session. When it comes to replacement - operating cost over the time will be lower than one-piece rotor.

    RB C63 rotors are made of harder iron than OE rotors. The rotors are most compatible with semi-metallic brake pads. We do not recommend the use of ceramic brake pads, which may cause vibration. </B>Click here to enlarge
    Rotor Material: Racing Formula Alloyed Gray Iron & Heat treated
    Machining: Open Slot
    Surface: EDP Coating w/cross cut grinding on friction surface
    NOTE: Retaining and jack screw holes have been removed to prevent the screws from rusting and causing difficult removal of the rotors. The two-piece rotor hats are made of aluminum which is easier for installation and removal. See detail view here.

    Click here to learn how RB two-piece rotors are built differently than the competition.

    Weight Comparison

    One-piece36.0 lbs.Two-piece24.0 lbs.
    Weight Savings: 12.0 lbs.

    1. Alloyed iron formula adds strength and heat resistance. Heat treating further improves rotor performance for a more uniform and stabilized microstructure.
    1. The cooling vanes are of a convergent nozzle design, which increases airflow and turbulence and makes discs cooler. (Illustration #1)

    Click here to enlarge

    2. The center-mount flanges for hat mounting to the rotor ring have several benefits. (Illustration #2)

      • It allows the ring to be used on either side of the vehicle simply by mounting the hat on either side of the ring (unidirectional).
      • The stress load transferred from the ring to the hat is balanced.
      • Air inlets are widely open to both inboard and outboard sides of the rotor. More air suctions and even temperature on both sides of the disc surface.
      • Heat transfer from the disc surfaces to the hat is even and minimized by increasing the flange length and the airflow around the flanges.
      • Mounting flanges are on both friction surfaces ultimately provides excellent heat balance.
    Click here to enlarge

    3. Exclusive full floating design with 10.9 grade alloyed hardware. Hardware is DACRO coated and crimp locking. DACRO is highly corrosion resistant and provides a film for easier movement between the hat and rotor ring as disc expands and contracts and the crimp design provides positive engagement without rattling or torque loss at temperature.

    Front Rotors: $1198 (pair)
    Rear Rotors: $1398 (pair)
    Front and Rear Rotors: $2199 (pair)

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    Two-Piece Feature Comparison Chart

    Eurocharged Performance
    Tuner of the WORLDS FASTEST E55 - 10.46 @ 134.42
    Tuner of the WORLDS FASTEST C32 - 12.33 @ 115.08

    Locations in Houston - Chicago - Toronto - Hong Kong - South Africa - Cincinnati - Orlando - London
    Over 50 other dealer locations around the word

    Over 15000 customers strong!

    Proud tuning partners of Underground Racing!

    Click here to enlarge

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    Moved to W204 chassis and brakes.

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