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  1. Classy Aston Martin V8V on HRE P40SC in Brush Tinted

    Nice and clean Aston Martin Vantage V8 rolling on a set of HRE P40SC in Brush Tinted.

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    F12/F13: Sakhir Orange BMW M6 on HRE S101

    Our customer came in to install a set of 20" HRE S101 in Satin Black/Polished on his brand new Sakhir Orange BMW M6. He wanted to re-use his OE tires.

    More info on HRE Series S1, CLICK HERE

  3. E46: FLOSS'n nice and low - BMW M3 on HRE Vintage 501

    James, known as FLOSS, is well known for his fitment friendly configurations. He selected a set of HRE Vintage 501 in 18" to complete his package. The M3 is also equipped with a VF-Engineering...
  4. Yup. Just like any of our standard series wheels.

    Yup. Just like any of our standard series wheels.
  5. All-new HRE Wheels - Ringbrothers - RB1 & RB2

    The convergence of art and science – that nexus where engineering and design merge to create something purely beautiful yet truly functional – is where many of the modern era’s most fascinating...
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    California: Pics from Big SoCal Euro Gathering 2012

    Was a very successful event! Had over 2000+ european cars!!

    Event info:

    Here's list of pictures/albums I found. Please post up links only.
  7. haha

  8. This is the preview CF2. We will add additional...

    This is the preview CF2. We will add additional styles once it launches in Q1 of 2013. :)
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    Bagged Rising Blue Golf R with HRE C109

    Johnny R showed us these pictures of his Rising Blue Golf R on a set of HRE C109. RS Worx helped spec'd the 18x9 and 18x10 HRE C109 to fill the fender wells of his bagged dub.

    More info on the...
  10. S85: likes the orange wheelssssSs

    likes the orange wheelssssSs
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    Yes, they are available for sports cars such as...

    Yes, they are available for sports cars such as the Aventador/458. But also will be available in load rated vehicles for SUV/Large Sedans for 22".

    The conical shape is available, but for older...
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    All-New HRE Wheels - Series S1

    All-New Series S1

    HRE has long been known as a performance-driven company where strength, lightness and...
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    W209: Mercedes CLK Black Series with HRE P43SC

    Really love this white CLK Black Series on a set of HRE P43SC in Satin Black

    Photos by Quan Duong / Evoked Photography

  14. It is, part of the Stage 2 package I believe...

    It is, part of the Stage 2 package I believe includes an upgraded tranny.
  15. UGR sets World Record 1/4 mile in Gallardo on HRE Wheels

    Thought I'd show you guys this World Record 1/4 mile run from Underground Racing Gallardo with 8.35 sec @ 181 mph on HRE Wheels!

    Quote from Underground Racing, "The ONLY wheel we trust at these...
  16. W204: He also did the HRE engraving on the spoke in...

    He also did the HRE engraving on the spoke in red, very subtle.
  17. W204: Down under Red Mercedes C63 Black Series on HRE P44SC

    The boys "down under" really know how to build cool cars. AMG Australia sent us these pictures of a hot red Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe Black Series on a set of Gloss Black HRE P44SC.

    More info on...
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    E90,E91,E92,E93: BMW E90 M3 with HRE C93 in Satin Black

    Our Canadian friends, Tunerworks showed us this E90 M3 with a set of Satin Black HRE C93.

    More info on HRE Wheels, CLICK HERE
  19. 997: Champion Motorsport - Orange Porsche GT3RS - Full race ?

    Champion Motorsport is well known for some track proven builds. This Orange Porsche 997 GT3RS is no exception. Known as the "Airborne Ranger" project. The select a set of HRE P40S in Satin Black to...
  20. Slammed Facelift Audi S4 B8 on Vintage 501 | TAG Motorsport

    Guys at TAG Motorsport have replaced their original B8 S4 with the all-new facelifted version of the B8 S4. Here is their white B8 S4 on a set of HRE Vintage 501 with Gloss Charcoal centers and...
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    Ask and you shall receive. Here's couple I...

    Ask and you shall receive.

    Here's couple I found.
  22. 100mph standing still ... Lamborghini Super Trofeo Stradale

    What is there really to say? We feature a set of the all-new HRE C99S (15 spoke) on this Southern California owned Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale.

    More info on the all-new...
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    E90,E91,E92,E93: Retro Modern by State of Stance

    Featuring a set of Vintage 501 on E92 M3.

    Full article:

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    Twin Turbo rocket - Scuderia Ferrari F430

    Another rocket by the famed SW of Elite Motorsports. This Ferrari F430 Scuderia is powered by a twin-turbo setup from Underground Racing. SW selected a set of Gloss Charcoal HRE P47 to complete the...
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    Velos strikes again! Gallardo on HRE P43SC

    Velos Designwerks from Florida are composers of quality automobiles. They selected a set of HRE P43SC in Brushed with a Satin Clear to really finish off their Lamborghini Gallardo.

    More info on...
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