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Sticky replied to the thread ESS VT3 Shift-S3ctor 1/2 Mile - 174 MPH Trap, BMW/AMG Roll Race Shootout - 1st place!.
" So I've been thinking about this thread and ultimately if anyone wants to claim world's fastest they can and congratulations to them. My time will come (again).

The sole purpose of a user who does not post here coming here and posting videos with a competitor's watermarks (who if the situation were reversed would not show the courtesy I am) to try to claim a 'victory' is to incite discord. When I won I received no such thread on other forums. Any mention was deleted. I won't delete this as ultimately this is about cars and not politics I would think?

I have offered up an open invitation to my event. If any of these ESS cars or S54 cars or really whomever wants to run, then come run. All kinds of cars including my own will be there along with those from Gintani, Weistec, and I'd assume BMS. I'll grill up some burgers and we can run the cars. I'm sick and tired of people taking such offense over a car hobby. OMG I'm trying to build the top BMW in all the land and it is the most powerful E9X as of today. I'm not drowning puppies.

If some people are happier with my car suffering a mechanical problem than when it does well I don't think that is enthusiasm. I think that is spite and negativity that is not compatible with actual automotive enthusiasm. If you're one of these people, do not come to my event. Do not post on my forum. Just go do your own thing and I will do mine. If your sole purpose is to try to bring others down rather than see things move forward and the bar be raised, re-evaluate your purpose and why you even got into cars.

So my car didn't get an opportunity to defend its roll on and trap titles because a brand new belt ripped. It's not going to rip every time. If people want to claim a victory when they do not even face their competition I can't respect the achievement because it isn't much of an achievement. "

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AdminTeam created the thread NOOOOB: face2.
" Hey face2:


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M177 replied to the thread Article: Trap speed vs elapsed time in the 1/4 mile illustrated by M157 AMG's, one rear wheel drive and the other all wheel drive.
Quote Originally Posted by zod View Post
Well lets put it this way.

Regardless of what PP has done, GAD has done something no other tuner has and so far or can do.
Transferring and making the car run with a different engine not designed for the car, add a 4 wheel drive system, beef up the trans, raise rpm, add new turbos as well and make it all work with no issues (Ecu, TCU and electronics).

No one has done that, and you have to give both credit and respect to what they have accomplished.

I don't care much for tuner wars as its usually always the owners who get hurt in the end and becoming puppets and cheerleaders for their tuners
My dear I'm showing the respect for both of pp-performance and GAD Motors but if we compare their work yes GAD did something special and no one did it before and i note that, "

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Sticky replied to the thread N54 DCT guys who want an upgraded and higher quality metal oil pan.
" Some DCT fluid I don't know which one specifically but there are a few to choose from. "

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cupra replied to the thread NEW stage 3 update thread. DOC RACE delivery.
" else will not, but patience can't say tony that we haven't hahahahahaha.
Come on we already have less! Music-rockout: "

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DevourS65 replied to the thread N54 DCT guys who want an upgraded and higher quality metal oil pan.
" What oil are you running in your car? "

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crypticc replied to the thread BMS OCC N54 oil catch can. *UK or EU*.
" Bump

70 +del "

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AdminTeam created the thread Let's point and laugh at I4071.
" Hey I4071:


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DevourS65 replied to the thread What is faster, a stock F10 M5 or a E92 335i with upgraded OEM turbos?.
" But its the drama we get here that brings the crowd in... "

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Blaizon replied to the thread ESS VT3 Shift-S3ctor 1/2 Mile - 174 MPH Trap, BMW/AMG Roll Race Shootout - 1st place!.
" [QUOTE=Sledgehammer;562014]Posting those pics don't mean a thing from 2013... Perhaps I missed the video of these wins feel free to link me to a thread with those. In any case its 2014 homie and you haven't done anything at all. Get a belt, stop bitching and go win some runs against cars that matter and get it on video.

Better yet here's my offer!

1. I will pay from transport of your car via Reliable to Philadelphia and back
2. I will pay for 3 nights for a room at the Ritz Carlton for you and a guest
3. You run the following cars in this order on video (Meaning GP's on your car front and rear, GPs on the cars you run front & rear and chase car with a cam on the front as well).

My Vette "

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V8Bait replied to the thread BBFlash maps for the FBO 335i.
Quote Originally Posted by rawad1017 View Post
okay but the stage x software the bbflash user would buy would be locked the same way
Locked how? Tuner pro is basically a glorified binary/xml editor, it won't lock it or encrypt it for you. And bimmerboost flash suite doesn't have the option to disable reads on the ecu. If it did it would be 100% defeating the purpose of OPEN source.

You want closed, well there's Cobb. They are great. I'd relate them to Apple, but I'd feel bad because I like Cobb more than Apple.

A tuner could easily dyno tune a car using the software and some do. And a dyno tune for one car isn't necessarily perfect for another. I'm pretty sure some shops will do that for you, just not the ones that specialize in OTS and remote tuning, because they already have their business model worked out. "

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" Welcome to a real enthusiast forum S43G. "

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AdminTeam created the thread We welcome joseri.
" joseri, we appreciate you taking the time to join. "

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Sticky replied to the thread lulz - post em in here.
" "

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rawad1017 replied to the thread BBFlash maps for the FBO 335i.
Quote Originally Posted by V8Bait View Post
You can not. You can read stock tunes and tunes based on stock ROMs that have corresponding XDF's defining the binary data accurately. You cannot read an ecu that is locked/encrypted by Cobb. And even if you could you'd need a custom xdf as they have some modified logic in the assembly code. Even if it's minor it would potentially change things.
okay but the stage x software the bbflash user would buy would be locked the same way "

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Sticky replied to the thread RB install engine lift.
" I think we have some guys who installed their own RB's. Let bump this and get you an answer. "

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Sticky replied to the thread 2005 60k Mile CL65 Dyno.
" It's hard to believe it has been over a decade since Mercedes strapped turbos to its SOHC V12 creating the insanity that is the M275 engine. The idea seemed crazy at the time as the 5.5 liter M275 available in 600 models put out 493 horsepower and an earth moving 590 lb-ft. Mercedes AMG decided to give the entire automotive industry a huge middle finger and show who the king of power output truly was by taking that same motor and increasing displacement to 6.0 liters with more aggressive tuning and boost for 604 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque.

It was so much power and torque back in 2004 many wondered if AMG had gone too far. The cars featuring the engine (the S65, SL65, and CL65 AMG) were absurdly expensive. The other absurd part about these cars was their depreciation. The CL65 AMG depending on options was a $180,000+ car back then. Today, you can pick up a nice used example in the $30k range. The car was not an investment that is for sure.

What does this money get you? A twin turbo V12 luxury rocket with 528 horsepower and 674 lb-ft of torque to the wheels. A simple ECU tune will bring those numbers up into the low 600's to the wheels for horsepower and close to 800 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. A quality tune will run you a little over a grand.


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AdminTeam created the thread 135i-Fan is now here!.
" 135i-Fan, we appreciate you taking the time to join. "

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HRE_Wheels replied to the thread SLS on HRE Series P1 Wheels.
Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Looks like an overseas car but I thought By Design was in LA?
Not this one! "

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