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" Welcome ssxrnr, take a look around, I think you will like what you see. "

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BuraQ replied to the thread STFT Banks 1 & 2 - What is normal ?.
" Taking in consideration first what @stangorang "experienced" as he replaced hardware that would have had a direct affect on the problem if the hardware was faulty. However hardware was not the case. Similar experience from @SteveAZ , no matter what hardware changes were done the results were still the same.

For me I have 65K miles on my car, and the dealer replaced the injector with the newer ones when I was at 49k miles. It wasnt needed it was just something done I wouldnt have to worry about. My car does not sit, it is driven eveyday mostly highway milage

I have the orignal o2 sensors when I bought the car new. I am not cattless, I am running CP-e Highflow Catts with stock mid-catts. Mid-catts will be removed befor the end of the year. I doubt seriously a faulty o2 sensor is the issue, as my AFRs are perfectly on target

After increasing the scalar in the "cell range" where the concern is being had STFT bank 1 improved but I could not see bank 2. After logging STFT bank 2 that is where the major problem was and a significant gap between the two banks

So I raised the "cell range" of cocern in STFT bank 2 from 1.256-1.240 to 1.296-1.280 and the gap between the two banks was reduced "

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" Welcome to a real enthusiast forum obelisk1906. "

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xbox_fan replied to the thread Cobb stage2 93 log.
" Mitch@Cobb tells me AFR should be 11.5 but mine is 14@2200rpm and drops to 9.5@5500rpm so tomorrow I'll start chasing a boost leak.

But I smoked a v12 520whp Audi today (twice) both from a roll and from a dig so I'm happy with the car "

Today, 03:21 PM

VargasTurboTech replied to the thread Turbo vs naturally aspirated AMG power - 2013 Renntech tuned E63 AMG M157 vs 2014 Weistec tuned SLS AMG Black Series M159.
" Not really fired up, just find it pretty interesting when people pit a 350K car against an 80K car in a performance test, ANY performance test and then throw price of admission out the window. Makes zero sense. I mean not like people buy performance carsand upgrade them to go fast or race other cars, be in roll racing drag racing, street racing, or road racing. So since no one buy these cars for those purposes, then yes you are right. Price doesn't matter. Carry on "

Today, 03:13 PM

ChuckD05 replied to the thread Article: Tune only W204 C63 AMG vs a bolt on Mustang GT 5.0 'Coyote' from a roll.
Quote Originally Posted by JonsC63AMG View Post
The reason why I didnt post the video of our run is your face was showing and didnt want this on youtube. We were tight but you backed off. Because of issues you had with your car. Your car had FBO max boost with meth. It wouldve been interesting wayup top.
agreed , and even better reason than... got respect for u bcu back up your claims and alwaysrematch like u did with ben and his rbs.. im actually really looking for a c63 right now , your car being a big reason why.. still no issues right? ever? "

Today, 03:08 PM

psmith95 created the thread Calling all spec 3+ owners.
" Hey guys so I just got my car back yesterday from having the Spec stage 3+ clutch and Steel SMFW installed and I have a few questions. So first of all my pedal is pretty stiff. I wouldn't say it is necessarily over the top but it is much stiffer than I expected after reading that it is barely more than stock. Now my biggest concern is the engagement point. I made it a point to tell the shop to use the low TO bearing position so they definitely did that, however, my clutch still engages at the top. I would say 9/10 of the way up is when it starts to engage. Without my clutch stop it was a paint to drive but now that I put it back in it's a bit better. I spoke to the shop and they said that it was normal with a performance clutch like this to engage high and as it gets broken in it will get a bit lower? I only have around 140 miles on it so far so i'm not complaining just want to see if this is normal and the engagement point I should expect out of it. Thanks in advance for anyones help "

Today, 03:07 PM

VargasTurboTech replied to the thread Another single kit in the works..
" Are the other platforms you tuned direct injected high compression turbo motors? If not throw it all away and just sit back and learn. Either from asking people who have lead the way on these motor ala PTF, BMS, etc, or from slowly moving forward. But taking your 10 years of tuning other platforms and trying to apply it blindly to this one is going to lead to some grenaded motors. The saying always holds true and does so even more on this motor. Boost doesn't break motors, timing does. "

Today, 02:54 PM

JonsC63AMG replied to the thread Article: Tune only W204 C63 AMG vs a bolt on Mustang GT 5.0 'Coyote' from a roll.
Quote Originally Posted by ChuckD05 View Post
lol i had to post this... jon is a great guy, he loves his car and its very strong. I met him and got called out to race him after sticky front paged my 135i running a stock c63 and nosing it with my brother in the car.. I was on 18ohm jb4 running a few lbs less in that video so i went out to race jons oe tuned c63 , he was a very cool dude to me at least, we bsed before and after the race.. it does seem he likes to stir the pot with videos but most know this going in...

I raced him twice in my old 135..... once where my car hiccuped and limped twice he had his camera and didn't post the videos... which was cool of him ... He is the type of guy you love to beat but hate to lose to.

he just really likes his car , just like sticky loves himself a dct

i couldn't get anyone to come out this day to video except my buddy in the charger rt taping or trying to lol. He is about 8 years younger than me and loved every second of this race as you can tell by watching it lol .... my car trapped 120 both times at the track.... this is with jb4 15ohm no flash days lol.... he trapped 120 or 121 .... he was upset i did not keep going in this race but you can draw your own conclusion from how far ahead of the challenger we were and how fast (slowly) he was going and where we were. I hit at least 140-150. Try to ignore the beginning but the drag race motha fffkkaaass is pretty damn funny lol...


Today, 02:42 PM

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" Hey AHudspeth:


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JonsC63AMG replied to the thread Article: Tune only W204 C63 AMG vs a bolt on Mustang GT 5.0 'Coyote' from a roll.
Quote Originally Posted by rawad1017 View Post
i can sense the hostility
This guy is a troll. "

Today, 02:33 PM

JonsC63AMG replied to the thread Article: Tune only W204 C63 AMG vs a bolt on Mustang GT 5.0 'Coyote' from a roll.
Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
I actually know the guy with the e63 you lost to. He didn't even floor it since it had 500 miles on it. He said you had a little camera and took vids. I guess posting a loss video isn't as scintillating.
Your an idiot. The guy had over 3k miles. He wanted to play and was in race mode. I did lose but not by much. Within a car difference. Go troll somewhere else. "

Today, 02:31 PM

xbox_fan replied to the thread Cobb stage2 93 log.
" http://datazap.me/u/xboxfan/20140420...data=3-4-20-23

New log with ignition advance and knock sensors for cal 1-6, any feedback is more than welcome.

Will try to rig a DIY boost leak search setup tomorrow and check for leaks... "

Today, 02:28 PM

Will_UK_74 replied to the thread BMW E36 M3 3.2 evo with GT3582R from Belarus.
" great build, look forward to seeing it run. my personal experience with the AEM FIC 8 is that it is not compatible with the siemens mss50 dme. hopefully you manage with it. "

Today, 02:24 PM

Kjeronimo91 replied to the thread Comparing the Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0 to the new 991 GT3 - Which is the superior performer?.
" a gt2 is a gt3 boosted pretty much./... "

Today, 02:13 PM

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Aerotest replied to the thread STFT Banks 1 & 2 - What is normal ?.
" Tech and engineer are two different things. Sometimes one tries to pose like the other. "

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cadillacgrills created the thread half axle help....
" Didn't think I had enough to do this...but my right axle let go last night, best part was i was out of town and had to leave the car 2 hours away.
I've searched and seen plenty of info but wanted to get some input from you guys who've been through this. From the pic, looks like the joint was the weak point? is it possible to rebuild this? Looks like DSS shafts are the best upgraded solution but i believe they require a working assembly to upgrade rather than a replacement shaft correct? At this point, i just need to get the car back here and thought i would just replace it with oem and then focus on upgrading later. Anyone know the best place to get a replacement cheaper than local dealer?? i've checked a few vendor sites and can't seem to find them. "

Today, 01:52 PM