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DavidV replied to the thread Random thoughts and questions.
" Sticky, can you detune the rep spread count again to 10?
With 20 I get Must spread rep so much I can hardly rep anyone anymore.
There are hardly 20 different people on the forum worth repping...
Or better, let the rep count decay with time. As they disappear in 3 weeks or so from the rep count... "

Today, 03:52 AM

DavidV replied to the thread All this differential talk has me thinking (335i).
Quote Originally Posted by _Ryan_ View Post
I presume the clutch LSD will fight the electrics?
How do you find your Quaife on wet/icey roads, or hard pack unsealed roads?
If you do not disable the traction control (only the first step is enough), in tricky situations the ESP can jolt the back around because the electronics counter reacts the LSD's input.
You'll get used to that (strangely only happens on wet roads going uphill), or do as I do, and disable traction control and enjoy the LSD more (hail to the JB4 option which disables this for me automatically!). That will make the car a lot more predictable.

I uderstand the reason for your last question, but for me the Quaife has never let me standing in slippery conditions
In winter conditions I have winter tires so I never encountered a situation where I had no traction at all on one wheel.
In fact having a LSD in snow is quite fun. "

Today, 03:31 AM

AdminTeam created the thread Let's point and laugh at gntz6746.
" Welcome to a real enthusiast forum gntz6746. "

Today, 03:31 AM

witty4242 replied to the thread Calling all spec 3+ owners.
" I am on the stock fluid and the level of noise you described is what I have found to be the norm. It doesn't get noticeable until I am in a drive through or the ac is on. It is the same noise that all manual bmw's have when they shut off and the clutch is out. It is most likely a spherical ball bearing that is causing this noise. "

Today, 03:06 AM

Sticky replied to the thread Article: Trap speed vs elapsed time in the 1/4 mile illustrated by M157 AMG's, one rear wheel drive and the other all wheel drive.
" By now you are well aware that Mercedes offers the 4Matic all wheel drive system for the facelifted CLS63 and E63 AMG models. So what happens when you put the pre-facelift rear wheel drive 63 AMG model up against the facelifted 4Matic all wheel drive model on the dragstrip? Even a casual automotive enthusiast would likely guess that the result would have the all wheel drive car showing the quicker ET (elapsed time) whereas the rear wheel drive car would have the higher trap speed.

That is usually the case although by no means an automotive law. It is what happens in the drag race below though and that is partially due to both cars wearing street rubber. Soft drag rubber is pretty much a necessity for a high torque rear wheel drive vehicle to get good traction off the line at the strip.

Now, this is not exactly apples to apples as the C218 CLS63 has an ECU tune. The W212 E63 AMG S is stock and an ECU tune makes a huge difference in power and torque. Combine an output increase as a result of ECU tuning for the CLS63 along with its roughly 200 pound lighter weight and it is no surprise it traps 128.72 miles per hour to the 4Matic E63 117.83.

A difference of almost 11 miles per hour is huge and using the old rule of thumb of 1 mile per hour being equal to 10 wheel horsepower without even seeing the dyno numbers of the two cars we know the CLS63 is putting out roughly 100 more horsepower at the wheels. A trap speed is often as good as a dynograph. "

Today, 02:52 AM

0-60Motorsports replied to the thread WPC Rod Bearings Install & Beisan Vanos Refresh.
Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
So what exactly do you attribute the misfires to? VANOS?
We checked the plugs and the number 6 was darker than the rest. i remember in a previous post i mentioned that the number 6 TB coupler was pinched and i had a massive leak. I think the cylinder was not getting enough air and thats why this happened. Replaced all and it seemed to be fine after the test drive.

The next day when I went over and started the car to warm it up for another test drive I could feel the misfire again.
I swapped coils 3 and 5 (misfire indicated on GT1) with 2 and 4 and then checked it again. Now it showed misfire in 2,3 & 4. Meaning its probably the solenoid.

We'll swap it with the BEISAN re-manufactured and improved solenoid and report back ASAP.

Today, 02:34 AM

Sticky replied to the thread WPC Rod Bearings Install & Beisan Vanos Refresh.
" So what exactly do you attribute the misfires to? VANOS? "

Today, 02:30 AM

AdminTeam created the thread NOOOOB: F5931.
" F5931, we appreciate you taking the time to join. "

Today, 02:17 AM

R.G. replied to the thread Looking for any feedback on logs.
" Interesting evening. Spent all day trying to figure out why changes in ATR were not doing anything. Handheld Cobb data not matching data log data and that didn't match ATR inputs. Guess it's happened to others, advice given to me was uninstall AP manager, ATR re install, in flash and re flash car. Trying to do all that now but car battery did not want to cooperate. Recovery mode, jumper cables blah blah. Will see if it fixes the problem tomorrow. "

Today, 02:10 AM

Sirex63 replied to the thread M156 intake.
Quote Originally Posted by RNS-11Z View Post
Hi renntech

will you be doing any promotions on your m156 products? Specifically the carbon intake?

thank you
Go with the ROW Airboxes. They are being sold from Weistec. Anything else is just not worth it, Trust me "

Today, 02:00 AM

Xyruss replied to the thread I need help...
" im just confused because when I first installed the sensors I can confirm I did it the correct way (both O2s with the grey shealth on the shorter pipe, at least form what ive read), and my car immediately went into the rough stumbling idle and misfires when I started it up. so then i swapped them to see i had it right the first time

its not like those sensors would be getting any different readings than they would with stock downpipes since they are pre cat, so i dont know what to think about my results from the first install . im gonna swap them again this weekend and see how it goes I guess.. "

Today, 01:49 AM

R.G. replied to the thread Useful suspension links.
Quote Originally Posted by _Ryan_ View Post
Rear subframe
OEM rear subframe bushes for non-M cars are liquid filled trash.
Whiteline do a poly lock kit for under $100 which can be fitted without removing the subframe (requires loosening)
OEM M3 bushes are rubber, approx. $300 and require more effort to fit

I personally went with the Whiteline kit and can report that it improves rear end feel, stability and traction. I test my car on the mountain upon which I reside- I don't have to push my car to notice the difference.

Considering the whiteline kit for my diff. Wish I would have known about them before I jumped on the M3 subs. Rear is still too wiggly on hard accel. It's gotten a bit worse so I'm assuming my stock diff bushings are about ready to be replaced. "

Today, 01:22 AM

R.G. replied to the thread Suspension troubleshooting. Any ideas ANY at all.
Quote Originally Posted by _Ryan_ View Post
My thoughts- don't make changes aside from checking that components are torqued correctly.
Raise the car, move the suspension around and listen for the noise. Move the wheel through its travel, turn steering wheel etc.

You can do this at home with 4 stands and 1-2 jacks.
Thanks Ryan,

Yea, will be messing with it this weekend again checking all the torque specs to see what I can come up with. Something is not right and it's driving me nuts not knowing what. "

Today, 01:19 AM

V8Bait replied to the thread self tuning : BB flash or Cobb.
" I didn't say they were the same, I said outcomes can be virtually identical. It really depends on goals and setup. I'm well aware of the handful of changes they've made, they are very useful to those who need them. Cobb engineers are good at their job But not everybody needs the extras. I'm a supporter of Cobb don't get me wrong (owned one on two cars) but OP has a jb4 so many of those added lines of hex wouldn't even matter for him since many changes are for boost response and boost up high afaik.

End of the day Cobb is superior but results are results. If I was OP I'd download both and poke around. "

Today, 01:13 AM

Sticky replied to the thread Who has the strongest turbo E46 M3 on BimmerBoost?.
Quote Originally Posted by PureEnthusiast View Post
So the S54 dominated yet another event huh! Took 1st and 2nd place at yet another event. Well Drew did claim world's fastest E9x and won an event also.

I win the event and it's 'oh the S54's weren't running right.'

My car shreds a belt and now it's the S54's dominate and some guy with hundreds of whp less that lost last time when my car was running at the same time as his is the world's fastest.

Did you have anything else to add? "

Today, 01:12 AM

PureEnthusiast replied to the thread Who has the strongest turbo E46 M3 on BimmerBoost?.
" So the S54 dominated yet another event huh! Took 1st and 2nd place at yet another event. Well Drew did claim world's fastest E9x and won an event also. "

Today, 01:06 AM

Sticky replied to the thread Cobb stage2 93 log.
Quote Originally Posted by xbox_fan View Post
Btw I got a can of leak detection spray, if you remove the bumper when you get her on the dyno, it would be simple to search for leaks.
Did you test it? "

Today, 12:55 AM

Sticky created the thread Car and Driver gets the quickest and fastest 2014 991 Turbo S Magazine numbers so far - 10.8 @ 126 1/4 mile.
" The 991 Turbo S test numbers are perplexing to say the least. MotorTrend managed to get a 10.9 @ 123.7 1/4 mile sprint out of the car. Road and Track essentially mirrored this with a result of 10.9 @ 124.4. Car and Driver now gets into the mix and their acceleration numbers are the best of the bunch with a 10.8 @ 126 1/4 mile elapsed time and trap speed. Their timed 0-60 run for the all wheel drive Turbo S comes in at a blistering 2.6 seconds.

Even though a 10.8 @ 126 is the quickest and fastest of the three major US Magazines these numbers still are slow. Independent drag strip results are better with a 10.68 @ 128 pass on the dragstrip. Car and Driver, Road and Track, and MotorTrend all get a result with the more powerful 991 Turbo S that is closer to the standard 991 Turbo. The standard car at PBIR (Palm Beach International Raceway) in Florida ran 10.9 @ 126.

So what is the deal? We really do not know. Maybe the cars pull timing due to aggressive software. It would explain why dyno results seem to vary greatly pull to pull. The spread shown on an all wheel drive Dynojet is up to 30 wheel horsepower and torque can change by almost 60 lb-ft. Heat soak, software, timing, whatever it may be something is causing inconsistent performance with the 991 Turbo and Turbo S.


Today, 12:53 AM

PureEnthusiast replied to the thread Article: Single turbo FFTec top mount and bottom mount manifold N54 action - Top mount twin scroll 5862 135i vs. bottom mount single scroll 5858 335i.
Quote Originally Posted by Terry@BMS View Post
The 135i makes around 600rw, 335i around 540rw, as tuned during the race. The 135i is also lighter weight.
Got the chance to witness your car in person and that 135 hauls ass! Good job this weekend "

Today, 12:53 AM

Ak335i replied to the thread mjmarovi's Single Turbo build at Proven Power Tampa.
Quote Originally Posted by jzeee037 View Post
Had a question for ya. On the tial mvr waste gate where do the coolant lines tie in to the system? Maybe a question for your shop but I'm curious about how it ties in.
Not 100% sure about @mjmarovi turbine but mine isn't water/coolant cooled. No coolant lines. It's oil cooled. "

Today, 12:51 AM