• LostMarine

      Published on 06-16-2011 06:53 AM
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      As many, probably all of you know, I've been having a slipping transmission since the record setting track day. After a vast search of capable transmission specialists, I decided to go with Level 10 Transmissions, located right here in my own NJ. I have heard their name thrown around in high HP/TQ domestic crowd before, but never knew they were in NJ. From the moment I talked to Pat on the phone, my spider senses kicked in and told me this is the place I need to go to get what I want done, when I want it done, and done right the first time. ...
      Published on 03-01-2011 11:58 AM
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      This compiles all of the known Upgraded Turbo Customers, specifically their dyno's if they have been posted on public forums. I am including known turbo customers even if they have not yet had the chance or inclination to dyno as of yet so that the company may still be represented as having a turbo upgrade option.

      I have done as much as I could to compile all the known modifications to the cars at hand. If you know more specifics or performance characteristics about a particular setup I will gladly update it. ...
      Published on 02-27-2011 04:00 AM
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      I wanted to get some good info with the JB4, and being the upstanding legal/moral citizen I am, wanting to keep it clean on the streets the Dyno is the best option. What im going to do is just post the mods/condistions ect, and the post each dyno with the log to match. Ill leave the questions up to you guys. ...
      Published on 11-05-2010 04:32 PM
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      Apparently Adrian used to work for Haltech doing embedded design. And designed among other things the Interceptor Platinum for them, what the current PROcede is based on. He left to work for another non-automotive company and Haltech would bring him back here and there for updates as needed.

      Shiv started buying from Haltech but needed more programming support than they could provide. So they put him in contact with Adrian. It got too expensive for Haltech so they let Shiv pay Adrian directly for support, and finally allowed Adrian to license use of the hardware he had designed working for them. As part of that license Haltech still builds the hardware for some set fee. ...
      Published on 09-23-2010 10:03 PM
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      To do some street setup track testing. I wanted to see how my current DD setup actually performs in the real-world. And now I know. I got 3 runs in, the track was crazy packed, A LOT of cool-down time.. So, full weight, 93 oct pump/meth 90/10 mix. map 7, meth map1 (18.5psi)
      The first 2 runs were done on street tires because i wanted to see how that would go. Video's are in the link below the slips. ...
      by Published on 06-21-2010 08:16 PM
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      As some of you know my stock turbos started blowing oil awhile ago and Iíve been searching for an alternative to putting new stock ones on.As luck would have it, RB had a set ready to go so I jumped all over it. Surprise!

      All I can say is these things feel awesome. Iíve been running around 17-18psi on the street on meth and pump and its great. Time was limited on the dyno and I wanted to see what she would do in race trim. Thatís 20psi and race gas. So I had BMS set me up with some settings and I did a few runs. The first couple of runs got messed up as the ignition coil signal was not secure and the dyno would stop recording. After they moved it I got a couple runs at ~20psi and then raised the boost up a touch to ~21psi, just to see how much room was left. At 21psi I actually hit the JB3 safety limiter at around 5800rpm and the dyno operator let off (oops!) but I think you all can see these turbos can hold a lot more than ~21psi if you want. The torque ...