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      By Thami Masemola

      Fans of the BMW Z4 would surely have been disappointed to learn that Munich is not planning to introduce an M version of the new two-seat hardtop. The highest that the Z4 goes as far as power is concerned is 225kW (306hp) which might increase to 245kW (333hp) if the BMW Motorsport kit is introduced for the model. Other than that no manic coupe/ roadster is in sight.

      Panic not Z4 M fans because Manhart Racing has a solution. The tuner, whose founder GŁnther Manhart has 25 years of reworking BMW engines under his belt, has shoehorned the V10 naturally aspirated engine from the M5 and M6 into the small and narrow body of the Z4. Fitting such a monster powerplant proved a harrowing challenge but one that was eventually overcome. Now it sits just above the car's front axle. The total kerb weight is 1,450kg.

      Factory power is a good 373kW (507hp). Manhart has increased this to 405kW (550hp) by, among other things