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      by Published on 06-28-2010 04:23 AM

      Xcede Performance of South Africa is the first tuner to surpass the 8600 rpm DCT limit.

      Yeah I am a co-owner of Xcede Performance. We have managed to get a DCt to rev 9000rpm. In fact we can get it to rev pretty much anywhere we want. And I can assure you it's not easy. BMw have hard-coded the rev-limiter outside the flash area in the DCT DME. We had to be rather innovative to make it rev there. But the car does peak around 8500-8500. But the good part is that it does not drop off to 8800rpm. It's relatively flat. So there is a definite benefit to revving 8800, evein if it peaks a few hundred rpm before that.

      by Published on 06-26-2010 07:48 AM
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      Here are never before seen pictures of the BMW Getrag DCT Valve Body and Solenoids. No modifications or changes are being made to these parts, they are being shown simply for their educational value. Additionally, I want to be thorough and show every last part in the transmission to very clearly prove everything was in working order.

      I will leave the explanation of the function these parts serve to SSP:

      by Published on 06-25-2010 04:22 PM
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      BMWSOB currently has the quickest BMW in the USA. Follow his build thread as he takes it to the next level.

      New to this board. Couple pics of my build.

      by Published on 06-24-2010 08:16 AM
      Article Preview is reporting that the upcoming BMW mid-engine sports car based on the Vision Efficient Dynamics concept will have the S85 V10 out of the E60 M5 along with two small electric motors giving it 600 horsepower. It seems that the car is being positioned as a direct rival to the Porsche 918 spyder.

      The car will have ability to drive about 40 miles in full electric mode. It will be set up as an extremely lightweight 2 + 2. It would also be longer and wider than the Vision concept car. Chassis would be aluminum and fitted with carbon fiber bodywork keeping the weight in the 3300 pound range.

      Price will most likely compete with that of the SLS, just under $200k.Did Autozeitung get this right? We don't know, we find the prospect of a naturally aspirated S85 V10 in a new car that is years away tough to swallow especially with tightening emission standards and the switch to forced induction having been already announced. We will see what develops. ...
      by Published on 06-24-2010 05:22 AM
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      The 2010 International Engine of the Years Awards have taken place. BMW took home awards in 4 categories. Many people treat like this like the Oscars of the automotive motor world.

      The 1.6 liter turbo motor in the Mini led things off the for the BMW group. This motor won the award in the 1.4-1.8 liter category for the 4th straight year.

      A new BMW motor appeared on the list with the BMW N47 2.0 liter Diesel taking home the award for best 1.8-2.0 liter motor. It ousted the Audi 2.0 liter FSI motor which won the previous year. VW/Audi had dominated this category since 2005. The S2000 F20C took the crown in this category before that from 2000-2004.

      The BMW N54 once against dominated the 2.5-3.0 liter category. This is the fourth straight win for the N54. The best competition in this categorically ironically comes from BMW themselves with the N55.

      The BMW S65 took the 3.0-4.0 liter engine category for the third straight year. We expect this motor to continue to win this category while the M3 stays in production however there is strong competition from the Porsche flat-6's in this displacement range.

      In the above 4.0 liter category we expect ...
      by Published on 06-22-2010 06:31 PM
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      From Omar@ActiveAutowerke:

      Active Autowerke is proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated Active Autowerke Supercharger System for the BMW E9X M3.

      The advanced design and sleek features of the Active Autowerke Supercharger System include a front mount air-to-air intercooler system with a separate oil cooler for the supercharger unit's independent oil system. The Active Autowerke Supercharger Plenum replaces the factory air box and is designed to have an OEM-type look with custom finishes available at the customer's request. The Active Autowerke Supercharger Plenum has been designed with eight high-flow velocity stacks, and large three inch intercooler piping to supply cooled air.

      The custom Active Autowerke Filter mounts to the supercharger unit and is enclosed in a custom intake box engineered to incorporate factory design while forcing cool air to the air box. The optional methanol injection system assists in lowering intake air temperatures and prevents detonation.

      The Active Autowerke Supercharger System is powered by an HKS GTS8550 Supercharger Unit mounted with a custom CNC'ed bracket that uses a dedicated drive belt system, while eight high flow fuel injectors are used to supply the additional required fuel. Active Autowerkeís ...
      by Published on 06-21-2010 09:14 PM
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      You may remember that Autocar UK incorrectly reported that the M6 would be dropped in favor of a mid-engine Audi R8 rival based on the Vision Efficient Dynamics concept. That report is here:

      BimmerBoost provided a rendering of the F12 M6 in April and stated that it would only make sense for an M6 to follow considering development already went into the next gen M5 powertrain. It would be logical for the M6 to share it just as BMW did with the previous generation M5/M6:

      Autoblog has provided of spy photors of the fixed roof F12 M6:

      Our rendering of what the finished product may look like:

      Expect the M6 to share the M5's powertrain, which means a twin turbo V8 with around 580 horsepower and a DCT. ...
      by Published on 06-21-2010 08:16 PM
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      As some of you know my stock turbos started blowing oil awhile ago and Iíve been searching for an alternative to putting new stock ones on.As luck would have it, RB had a set ready to go so I jumped all over it. Surprise!

      All I can say is these things feel awesome. Iíve been running around 17-18psi on the street on meth and pump and its great. Time was limited on the dyno and I wanted to see what she would do in race trim. Thatís 20psi and race gas. So I had BMS set me up with some settings and I did a few runs. The first couple of runs got messed up as the ignition coil signal was not secure and the dyno would stop recording. After they moved it I got a couple runs at ~20psi and then raised the boost up a touch to ~21psi, just to see how much room was left. At 21psi I actually hit the JB3 safety limiter at around 5800rpm and the dyno operator let off (oops!) but I think you all can see these turbos can hold a lot more than ~21psi if you want. The torque ...
      by Published on 06-21-2010 05:46 PM
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      15 minutes after lines opened to reserve the Limited Edition Frozen Grey M3 the 30 vehicles were all spoken for. We would like to remind BMW this happened in the economy they did not feel it was feasible to sell the CSL and GTS in.

      Larry Koch, BMWNA M Brand Managers, made the following statement, "We leapt at the chance to bring this truly special vehicle to the United States." You leapt at the chance to throw together existing packages and offer a very nice BMW individual paint and interior for over $77k? These cars are being portrayed as special so there won't be any negotiating in the price so essentially it is just a quick $2.5 million for BMW without the added cost of needing to bring a "real" limited edition M3 to the USA. ...
      by Published on 06-20-2010 02:20 AM
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      BimmerBoost: Tell me about SSP's experience with dual clutch transmissions and why SSP got into this market?

      SSP: To make a long story short, we found a niche that no one else was doing. We researched and researched and surrounded ourselves with knowledgeable people who really know this area. We have a desire to do it as the manufacturers won't give owners the information and the parts. Dealerships will just tell you to get a whole new tranny for about $15k. It should be a crime to sell the whole transmission instead of the parts. Basically, we provide something no one else does for a much better price. There are no parts available and no information on fixing these transmissions so that the Manufacturers can keep the profit for themselves but this is going to change soon.

      BimmerBoost: What torque capacity are you able to take the GTR to?

      SSP: Right now, the GTR is often seeing over 750 pound feet of torque. This is limited due to the tuning. We have 1000 hp clutch packs right now. Those are for cars making almost 800 pound-feet. The problem with the GTR is it just makes so much damn torque, stupid torque. Everything we have thrown at the GTR our clutch packs have held. We had one guy burn a set up but his car was not ...
      by Published on 06-20-2010 01:35 AM
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      We are pleased to announce our newest supporting vendor, OE Tuning!

      OE Tuning is a performance vehicle tuner located in Southern California. OE does a variety of various tuning applications across all kinds of platforms. You are most likely familiar with them without even knowing it as OE tuning powers some of the quickest and fastest BMW's and Mercedes in the USA. OE also frequently works in partnership with Gintani offering tunes for anything from NA cars to custom forced induction applications.

      You will all get an overview of OE Tuning's capabilities at the BimmerBoost tuner comparison in which OE will be participating and offering a tune for EVERY vehicle in the comparison. OE literally has tunes for every european performance vehicle, gas, diesel, whatever.

      Most recently, OE Tuning came out with a revolutionary product in the German Performance scene called EZ Flash which you can read about here: ...
      by Published on 06-18-2010 09:10 PM
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      SSP ( has released BMW DCT aftermarket clutch discs. The discs come in two flavors, 600+ hp and 700+ hp capacity. SSP currently has 2 sets of 700 hp discs in stock and 1 set of 600 hp discs.


      600+ hp discs: ~ $1700
      700+ hp discs: ~ $2000

      Advatages are obviously better material, higher hp/torque capacity, and longevity at higher hp levels. Labor is between 6-10 hours depending on your mechanic. They are made out of a Kevlar-Carbon composite.

      More sets in stock in 3 weeks as full production begins. ...
      by Published on 06-18-2010 04:45 AM
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      BMW unveiled the special edition Frozen Grey M3 today and it was met with collective expressions of "Meh." BMW is only producing 30 units which is 30 units too many in our estimation.

      So what does the USA get instead of a CSL and GTS? Well, we get a special matte grey paint job, oooohhhh. Oh, and a unique interior, more form over function to convince ill informed potential buyers that they are getting something special.

      Well, what about that motor? The Europeans got a sweet 4.4 liter motor for their special edition M3. What do we get? Well, nothing, same old, same old. It also comes with the same old DCT that was always available. It also comes bundled with the premium package that was already available. It also comes bundled with the competition package that was already available. Uh, what is so special about this thing again?

      Oh, you get some special wheels and lowering springs all for $77,620. They even throw in a generous day of BMW performance driving school while laughing all the way to the bank.

      This ...
      by Published on 06-17-2010 01:56 AM
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      The new clutch discs have been completed. SSP will be offering two levels of upgrades, 600 hp and 700 hp, for all BMW DCT transmissions currently on the market. What you see here is the 700 hp setup that will be going in my car. The material is a brand new Kevlar Carbon Composite and that is all I can say about it. This material has been used in some *big* torque applications.

      You might be asking yourself, only 700 hp capacity? Well, the rating is extremely conservative as the stock tranny can survive (barely) at that power level. The issue is the longevity. SSP is quoting these things will survive for some time with 700 hp unlike the factory discs. Additionally, we are going test this setup in my car first which will be well over 700 hp and then an even higher capacity setup will be offered but it will utilize more discs similar to what SSP offers for the Nissan GTR. More info and more pics of the transmission to come later this week.

      by Published on 06-15-2010 08:39 PM
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      Rumors are running rampant about an even lighter weight and higher performance M3 than the GTS which will be revealed soon.

      Some sources state the Paris auto show will be the reveal. Rumors are even that the US might get this vehicle. With the BMW victory at the 24 hours of the Nurburgring it seems BMW wants to celebrate and hopefully this time everyone will be included.

      The car will most likely be a street version of the GT2 racecar. What does this mean? Well, we aren't quite sure. The GTS has a 4.4 liter motor and we would expect this rumored model to get that same motor with further tweaks mated to a DCT.