• G-power 900hp supercharged S85 V10 Swap X6 M Typhoon RS

      G-power has decided to throw out a perfectly good twin turbo V8 with untapped potential in order to swap in an SMG transmission and a twin-supercharged V10. Now, we are the first ones to admit, this is pretty cool. However, it is also pretty pointless.

      The X6 M already has a twin turbo V8 putting out over 550 hp. Why not concentrate on upgrading that powerplant? 900 hp certainly isn't out of reach especially with top mounted turbos. But hey, we respect different approaches and this certainly is different. Did we mention the V10 was stroked to 5.5 liters as well?

      G-power's goal is to have the fastest SUV in the world and we see no reason why this won't be able to hit it... providing it actually lives up to the claims. No dyno numbers as usual and we aren't sure if the engine bay picture is actually of an X6 engine bay. G-power has a habit of making press releases before the actual product is out as you can tell by the rendering of what the full kit will look like as well as the shots of the real deal which purposely avoid the back and are close up. We look forward to seeing some substance to go along with this press release:

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