• IND-Distribution shows off the difference in engine notes between the E60 M5 S85 V10 and F10 M5 S63TU V8 plus the sound quality of the Eisenmann Race Exhaust

      Very well done sound quality comparison and high quality video from IND-Distribution demonstrating the difference between two M motors and really two different eras. One represents the classic M high revving naturally aspirated approach that being the S85 5.0 liter V10 in the E60 M5. The other is the brand new "Efficient Dynamics" era S63TU Twin Turbo direct injected 4.4 liter V8 in the brand new F10 M5. Both are equipped with Eisenmann exhaust systems. So which sounds better?

      It is no contest. The S85 V10 is arguably the best sounding production M motor of all time with simply an exotic engine note that is difficult to equate to anything that is not expensive and Italian. This is the only production V10 for street car use ever produced by M and they the bar very high. Literally, the only other place you could get something on this level would be in a much more expensive exotic from Italy. We will never see (or hear) something this good in a new M car ever again. The Eisenmann Race exhaust compliments and accentuates the engine note perfectly.

      Then there is new S63TU V8 alongside the E60 M5. The engine note has been described as weak and BMW even pipes in synthetic noise due to this. Is there anything else that needs to be said really? It will never sound as good as the S85 V10 at full song. Period. An aftermarket exhaust like the Eisenmann Race you hear here definitely will help it sound more like an M should but this comparison is no contest.

      If you want your M5 to sound like this, contact IND-Distribution: @Ilia@IND @Nate@IND

      F10 M5 Eisenmann Race with AMS downpipes:

      E60 M5 Eisenmann Race:

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