• Gintani Stage 2 SC's compared - Sticky vs. DLSJ5 - No cats + plus headers vs. cats

      Sticky (me) is Green, DSLJ5 (Drew) is blue:



      These dynos were done in the same place. Conditions were very similar, favoring Drew slightly:

      Both cars were on 91 octane + meth. Both cars are running the Gintani Stage 2 supercharger with meth. Both cars ran the same boost, 7.5 psi.

      Now, this is posted to show that there is a significant difference created by the exhaust system and the same dyno certainly can provide much different results. I do not understand why people were critcizing Drew about his numbers or what they were even implying. Yes, Niterider (Brian) put down 505 on a DIFFERENT dyno, not this dyno, on a different day in different conditions.

      Drew's run and my own are much more compareable as they are on the same dyno. People were saying, "why Did Drew only put down xxx blah blah blah" and going on some ridiculous witch hunt. The numbers are what they are, you can see the difference for yourself.

      The headers and 3 inch exhaust themselves made a larger difference than we realized. Boost dropped 2 PSI due to the headers and exhaust, VERY big difference. I was running more boost than Drew when I ran 130 mph in the 1/4. With the headers and 2 psi less, I actually gained a tiny bit of power. That goes to show how good the exhaust and headers are. Hell, you can see it yourself compared with Drew with the torque advantage through the curve at the same boost.

      If the boost was upped to 9.5 psi... it would have set some records. The run was done on slipping clutch packs, tranny was simply done. It is too late to go back and we wished we noticed it earlier so we could have used a different pulley, but, you guys can figure out what another 2 PSI would do

      I also want to address this comment:

      With all due respect, I just got these graphs 33 minutes ago. Is that posting it fast enough for you? Secondly, I'm not playing around with gear ratios to mislead people. Plus, aren't these numbers much higher than yours? Didn't you go back to this dyno and only put down 520 whp?

      What is wrong with the torque curve? Seems it mirrors Drew's just fine and IS gaining torque. So what are you reaching for? I know you hold me responsible for destroying your reputation (you can blame yourself) but the car was not run on C16 either. So 40 whp at 7.5 psi over Drew at 7.5 psi is a tragedy? Want to know what a tragedy really is? A built 4.6 liter stroker motor getting whooped on by stock 4.0 motors.

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